Why ‘Zero Suicide’?

The objective of trying to reach ‘Zero’ doesn’t always sit well with some of those trying to prevent suicides. ‘How can we possibly prevent all suicides?!’ Possibly, we need to ask a different question-if not ‘Zero’, then what target is acceptable?

If we approach our objective from a well-researched understanding that most suicides are preventable, then surely we must aim for Zero? By setting ahigh-ambition mindset, anything less than ‘Zero’ must therefore, be considered to be low ambition.

We know that most suicides are preventable if there is:

  • early identification of danger signs
  • early intervention to safeguard those at risk
  • prevention measures in place
  • support for those bereaved by suicide

The Jordan Legacy CIC’s suicide prevention activities are based on researched and evidence based approaches, centred around 5 specific layers . Ground up, population centred activities are proven to work.

Our objective is to promote the public benefits from advancing mental health and suicide prevention; developing, collating and sharing ‘what works’ with the general public and those groups, organisations, institutions and individuals who are able to help save lives.

Our 5-layer suicide prevention strategy

  1. Community Solutions
  2. Design out suicide
  3. Workplace wellbeing
  4. Digital and lifesaving systems
  5. Jordan’s Place – a centre for hope


  1. Community Solutions – Our aim is to help facilitate Zero Suicide, around menus of evidence-based actions by engaging with:
  • businesses
  • schools
  • colleges
  • universities
  • chambers of commerce
  • regulated utilities
  • major employers
  • professional associations & industry bodies
  • groups and bodies
  • major sports clubs and teams

Suicide prevention in our community


  1. Design out suicide- Taking a design thinking and process engineering approach to all of the steps that lead up to someone taking their own life, including restricting access to means by engaging with :
  • businesses and their processes
  • architects
  • surveyors
  • design council
  • design thinking consultants
  • construction firms
  • engineering schools and colleges / architecture universities
  • RIBA, RICS, RSA etc
  • government planning departments

Designing out suicide


  1. Workplace wellbeing – To support businesses in implementing effective and robust employee wellbeing strategies including:
  • introduce their own Zero Suicide Plan
  • a data driven employee assessment process
  • a robust employee wellbeing strategy, which covers all aspects of physical and mental health
  • legislative compliance – HSE workplace stress risk assessment
  • a suitable Employee Assistance Programme in place
  • do they have a ground-up and top-down wellbeing culture?
  • creating and sustaining a mentally healthy and psychologically safe work environment (inc people working from home)
  • having appropriate and effective employee listening & engagement processes as commitment to plans is a function of involvement
  • delivery of The Jordan Legacy in-house/online workshops and talks

Workplace wellbeing


  1. Life Saving Systems (Digital + Human) to Prevent Suicide – Designing and delivering appropriate and effective systems for prevention and early intervention, including ‘Digital Life Saving’ and ‘high touch’ human systems

  • technological development for transformational change
  • integrating digital and human intelligence and support systems
  • data analysis and augmented intelligence solutions to mitigate risk and to enhance predictive capability
  • ways of improving our ability to identify individuals in danger as well as groups at risk
  • CCTV-based detection and analysis tools
  • permission based tracking devices and software to protect those known to be at risk
  • improving search engines and virtual assistants – convert risk into potential support
  • analysing social media content to respond to ‘cries for help’ (overt and covert) and send suitable messages of support

Digital suicide prevention


  1. Jordan’s Place – a centre for hope – This is a very personal one to us, as this was Jordan’s own vision should he ever win the lottery:
  • a place where people who are struggling with their mental health can come to find peace and get well
  • peer support, people like me, lived experience, learning from others (a ground-up approach)
  • on site therapists, coaches, psychologists, healers?
  • wellbeing classes: sailing, archery, fishing, camping, painting, reading groups, back to nature, orienteering etc?
  • shared learning with other ‘safe place’ support centres and Retreats

Wellbeing retreat

  For further information on the first 5 layers of The Jordan Legacy’s Zero Suicide Community strategy, please click this link to watch a short video. Below is our transformational model, which visually represents The Jordan Legacy’s top-down and ground-up approach to suicide prevention.

Our Top-down / ground-up strategy


How you can contribute to our mission

If you would like to make a real difference and support The Jordan Legacy CIC in helping provide people who have lost hope with more reasons to want to live, please visit our Support Our Work page here.