I feel burnt-out

Burnout is different to feeling stressed according to leading burnout expert, Dr Sonia Hutton-Taylor. Think of stress as a pre-cursor to burnout – you will possibly be suffering with burnout if you constantly feel exhausted and having a good night’s sleep does not leave you feeling refreshed or you take a weekend break and feel worse than you did before you went away.

If you are suffering with burnout then being told to take time off work or employ better sleep hygiene etc is probably the worst advice your employer could give you – people with burnout will often go home and lock themselves away, with only their most dark thoughts for company.

If you feel you’re experiencing burnout, we recommend viewing the website Burnout Geese by one of the Legacy’s partners Dr Sonia Hutton-Taylor.

You may also like to listen to an interview with Dr. Sonia, included in this episode of our radio show, Jordan’s Space. Click here – the interview starts at 20 minutes into the show, where she explains what burnout is, who can be affected and how to avoid or recover from burnout.

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