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Jordan, was not #JustAnotherNumber, not just another suicide statistic.

1 million+ is also not #JustAnotherNumber, it’s how many young people were referred to Child & Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) during 2022 – a record high!

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Jordan, was not #JustAnotherNumber, not just another suicide statistic.

Jordan was 34 when he took his own life (Read Jordan’s Story here). 34 is not #JustAnotherNumber, it’s the age when he was most likely to die by suicide compared with any other illness or accident.

Every suicide and mental health statistic is not #JustAnotherNumber, it represents real people; people with feelings and emotions, who had friends, family and loved ones, with careers ahead of them, with opportunities to lead a fulfilling life – what was missing was hope.

By supporting our #JustAnotherNumber campaign you will be helping us to fund:

  • our regular online educational panel events to discuss and share practical solutions to preventing suicides. Learn more
  • the talks we deliver, like “How to cope with the ‘S’ Word”, to schools and other education centres and in other community and local business settings to help introduce practical suicide prevention actions and policies – Learn more
  • our Hope for Life (UK) Conference and awards event in Harrogate, North Yorkshire – to inspire and bring hope to an average physical audience of 130 people. Learn more
  • the vital Help and Support resources on our website, signposting people who need support with mental health issues or concerns about suicide. Learn more
  • our fortnightly online radio show, Jordan’s Space, which now has more than 30 shows accessible to listen to on our website, providing valuable lived experience stories, bringing hope and inspiration to a global audience. Learn more
  • the ‘Latest’ news section of our website, where we share articles and updates about our research, advocacy and campaigning to minimise suicides, including our ‘groundbreaking’ “Moving Towards a Zero Suicide Society” report, our petition to parliament, which exceeded 10,000 signatures and our no punches pulled response to the Government’s National Suicide Prevention Strategy. Learn more
  • the ongoing development of our national action-research project to identify the actions required to significantly reduce the annual number of suicides. Learn more

And now…we’re rolling out our biggest initiative yet; The Jordan Legacy’s Zero Suicide Society Transformation Programme”, Conference and the #JoinTheDots Tour, which will bring together all the key ‘stakeholders’ involved in suicide prevention and anyone else who wants to be part of the solution in a huge tour from the Humber to the Mersey. Learn more

Each of these projects and initiatives involves many hours of hard work and dedication from Steve, Danielle, and also close collaborative partner Paul; and for larger initiatives we actively collaborate with others who share our vision and mission.

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Please support our #JustAnotherNumber fundraiser. 

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  • By making any one-off donation, you will still be making a difference.

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Our suicide prevention objectives are not just a one year initiative. We have a long-term vision to do whatever we can to see the suicide numbers move on a downward trajectory and not to remain static as they have done for past 15 years.

To some, Jordan will be #JustAnotherNumber – one of 17 people who die by suicide every day in the UK. His family, individually, could also be seen as #JustAnotherNumber but they represent the 810,000+ people in the UK who are newly impacted by suicide every year.

Don’t let anyone you love and care about become #JustAnotherNumber.

Please support our mission to significantly reduce suicides in the UK, choose the donation amount you’re most comfortable with and we will keep you personally informed of our progress.

The Jordan Legacy is a registered Community Interest Company (CIC) and relies solely on financial donations, from companies and individuals, all of whom want to support our efforts to help reduce the number of suicides. Without these donations, we would be unable to continue our work.

The Jordan Legacy is a not-for-profit business with purpose. We are a registered (Registered No. 12784768) Community Interest Company (CIC). All income received goes toward our mission of seeking ways of better supporting those who are feeling a sense of entrapment and hopelessness and, specifically, to reduce the number of lives being lost to suicide.

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