Time for a Breakthrough in Suicide Prevention

The Jordan Legacy's Zero Suicide Society Transformation Programme

In 2023, we published what’s been described as a “groundbreaking” report ‘Moving Towards a Zero Suicide Society‘, mapping out what such a society looks like and the practical actions that will get us there.

2024 is the year, we bring our ‘Zero Suicide Society Transformation Programme’ to life!

From January 1st, we began rolling out the Programme. Meetings have been taking place and many more scheduled for the first half of 2024, with our collaborative partners, Suicide Prevention Leads, Suicide Prevention Partnership Groups, ICBs, NHS Trusts, Councils, Government Departments, MPs, employers, industry associations, sports clubs, charities, community organisations, schools, colleges, universities, designers, Tech for Good entrepreneurs, etc.

More detailed information about this initiative can be found by following this link.

And then its…..

The #ZeroSuicideSociety #JoinTheDots Tour 

This is a significant, public tour from the Humber to the Mersey in June 2024.

We will #JoinTheDots by bringing together all the key ‘stakeholders’ like people with lived/living experiences of suicide; Suicide Prevention Leads; people from local & central government; people from health, education, the arts, media, sport, charities & CICs; people from key sectors such as Construction; people designing suicide prevention apps and ‘digital life saving’ solutions; groups & communities whose voices are rarely heard…and anyone who wants to be ‘part of the solution’ in helping us move towards a Zero Suicide Society and get the suicide numbers on a downward trend, towards zero.

More information to come soon.

Here are some of the key highlights of the programme:

  • A showcase of all the ‘pieces of the puzzle’, included in our ‘Moving Towards a Zero Suicide Society‘ report that, together, will get the suicide numbers down, towards zero.
  • Joining together all those currently involved in suicide prevention but who don’t regularly connect or collaborate.
  • Highlighting people & organisations who have current or potential ‘solutions’ to help bring the numbers down.
  • Learning from people with diverse lived/living experiences of suicide.
  • Showing how ‘Continuous Systemic Action Learning’ (CSAL) is proven to get the numbers down.
  • Demonstrating how a co-ordinated, collaborative, integrated approach where there are no ‘winners & losers’ and where “Everyone is a priority for someone” will minimise the number of deaths by suicide.

See opposite (below on mobile) for how you can make a difference by supporting this cause.

The Tour

Brought to you in collaborative partnership with North Lincolnshire Council Public Health.

To reserve your ticket: You can use this Eventbrite link (Payment via your PayPal account) or via this link which provides the option to pay via PayPal or credit/debit card directly to The Jordan Legacy (please include #Conference2024 as your payment reference.

  • The Tour programme will involve: talks, webinars, online hook-ups, film screenings, physical meetings, arts, music, poetry, sport and and other inspiring events.
  • Provisional Tour stop-offs include places like; the Humber Bridge, York, Wakefield, Leeds, Huddersfield, Manchester, Bury, Salford, Wigan, St. Helens and arriving in Liverpool, Merseyside.
  • A sponsored cycle event, bringing together all those who share Steve Phillip’s passion for cycling, stopping of at key points along the route, such as in Wakefield at the offices of the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC), where Jordan worked and Horsforth in Leeds where he lived.
  • The Tour completes by arriving in time for the 5th International Zero Suicide in Healthcare Summit, taking place in the UK for the first time, hosted on June 24/25 in Liverpool by Mersey Care NHS Trust and the Zero Suicide Alliance (ZSA).

More detailed information about this initiative can be found by following this link.


How you can support our Zero Suicide Society Transformation Programme and #JoinTheDots Tour

You can contribute in a number of ways, including providing financial support.
You can make a donation here to The Jordan Legacy
You can support our action research via our Just Giving page
You can buy an advance ticket to the Launch Conference. If you make a donation now of at least £120 and enter #Ticket in the PayPal comment section, we’ll reserve you a place at our Launch Conference.
You can promote our current #JustAnotherNumber fundraising campaign by visiting the ‘Supporting us’ website page
If you (or more likely your organisation) would like to sponsor the #JoinTheDots Tour, the Launch Conference, or any component part of the Tour, or any part of our Zero Suicide Society Transformation Programme, please get in touch via hello@thejordanlegacy.com
Any upfront commitments – and payments before the end of the Tax Year! – would be most welcome.
There are options for Main Sponsor of the Zero Suicide Society Transformation Programme, Main Sponsor of the Launch Conference at Baths Hall, Other Event/Tour Sponsors (eg for each individual location or event along our journey, or the cycle ride), individual ‘pieces of the puzzle’ (eg being our Healthcare Sponsor or Education Sponsor or Workplaces Sponsor or Tech for Good Sponsor). To discuss any of these options please get in touch by emailing hello@thejordanlegacy.com

Expressions of Interest (Launch Conference Attendees)

We’ll soon be opening up a bookings page for the Launch Conference so you can register.

Attendance will be £120. This is symbolic because, in the UK, we currently lose 120 people to suicide every week.

To be notified when our bookings page is live you can email us at hello@thejordanlegacy.com

Expressions of Interest (Potential Tour Partners)

We already have several ‘Lead Collaboration Partners’ (in Scunthorpe, York, Manchester and Liverpool) and many other people & organisations who’ve committed to working with us to co-design and co-deliver this #ZeroSuicideSociety #JoinTheDots Tour, but we want as many people & organisations as possible to be involved…or just to attend on the day that we’re in your location.

If you live or work in this ‘M62 Corridor’ we’ve chosen for our Tour – or live & work somewhere else but want to join us – please get in touch with us via hello@thejordanlegacy.com

Preventing suicides is something we can all be a part of. Don’t let someone you know become #JustAnotherNumber.

More detailed information about this initiative can be found by following this link.



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