Do I have PTSD?

You may suffer from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) if you experience a traumatic event – a mental health condition whereby the individual relives the trauma through nightmares and flashbacks, causing recurrent distress and anxiety. It is estimated to affect every 1 in 3 people who have a traumatic experience and can develop immediately after the event or even weeks, months or years later.

PTSD can lead to feelings of isolation, irritability, guilt, and avoidance of similar situations, as well as problems sleeping and difficulty with concentration.

If symptoms are having a negative effect on your day-to-day life and have not improved 4 weeks following the trauma you experienced, you should contact your GP, who may refer you to mental health specialists for an additional assessment and appropriate treatment.

Below are some organisations we’ve identified as being particularly helpful if you think you may be suffering from PTSD.

Birth Trauma Association – supports women who suffer birth trauma. You can also join their Facebook group.
Disaster Action – supports people affected by major disasters, both the survivors and the bereaved.
PTSD999committed to supporting Emergency Service workers to ensure that awareness of PTSD within the Emergency Services grows and the Stigma associated with it, and other mental health conditions, is broken.
PTSD Resolution – provides counselling to veterans, reservists and their families. They also operate a phoneline on 0300 302 0551
PTSD UK – a website offering excellent support, information and resources.
Victim Support – offer support for victims of crime and traumatic incidents. You can also call their free 24/7 supportline on 0808 168 9111.
ASSIST Trauma Care – offers therapeutic help to individuals and families affected by traumatic occurrences.
NAPAC – a charity supporting adult survivors of childhood abuse.

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