Our Zero Suicide Society Transformation Programme is rolling out

Time for a Breakthrough in Suicide Prevention: Our Zero Suicide Society Transformation Programme: In 2023, we published what's been described as a "groundbreaking" report 'Moving Towards a Zero Suicide Society', mapping out what such a society looks like and the practical actions that will get us there. Now we're rolling out this strategy!

You can read the full report by  clicking this link.

Rolling out our ‘Zero Suicide Society Transformation Programme’ 

What does ‘Rolling it out’ entail?

It involves lots of talks, webinars, online hook-ups & physical meetings with our collaborative partners, Suicide Prevention Leads, Suicide Prevention Partnership Groups, ICBs, NHS Trusts, Councils, Government Departments, MPs, employers, industry associations, sports clubs, charities, community organisations, schools, colleges, universities, designers, Tech for Good entrepreneurs and others involved in implementing practical solutions to prevent suicides.

And, if you’re not included in the list above, we’ll meet with anyone who wants to be ‘part of the solution’ in helping us move towards a Zero Suicide Society and get the suicide numbers on a downward trend, towards zero. 

‘Rolling it out’ in 2024 also means a big public Tour which we’re calling the #ZeroSuicideSociety #JoinTheDots Tour which will travel from the Humber to the Mersey in June 2024. 

Everything we do from 2024 onwards will be dedicated to moving towards a #ZeroSuicideSociety – which we define in summary as .“a society that is willing and able to do all it can to prevent all preventable suicides”.

Joined Up Solutions & Collective Impact 

The #JoinTheDots Tour is part of this ongoing transformation programme, and the public launch of this programme. It’s designed specifically to ‘join the dots’ in two ways:

1) to show how in our Zero Suicide Society model (see graphic summary below) we’re joining together all the ‘pieces of the puzzle’ that, together, will get the suicide numbers down, towards zero.

2) to join together all the people & organisations currently involved in suicide prevention – often doing similar, complementary, potentially synergistic, suicide prevention activity – but who don’t regularly connect or collaborate, or have never done so, possibly not even aware of each other until we connect them!

We’ll join together these people & organisations who have current or potential ‘solutions’, and we’ll bring in people & organisations not currently involved in suicide prevention who we believe are also ‘part of the solution’. 

In line with our Zero Suicide Society model, our approach will be built on the following foundations:

a) listening to and learning from people with diverse lived/living experiences of suicide, and collaborating with other key stakeholders;

b) making sure there’s the ‘Continuous Systemic Action Learning’ (CSAL) we know is proven to get suicides down, towards zero (eg the * Detroit Health based ‘Zero Suicide in Healthcare’ framework);

c) a co-ordinated, collaborative, integrated approach where there are no ‘winners & losers’ – as traditional ‘priority group’ based strategies have – making sure that “Everyone is a priority for someone”!

*Henry Ford Health System in Detroit was the first to pioneer and conceptualize “zero suicides” as a goal in 2001. Since then, it’s grown to become an international call-to-action for healthcare providers that seeks to create a new culture and care pathway around suicide prevention.

Watch this short video to learn more about evidence-based interventions that have emerged as the foundation of striving for zero suicide globally.

Launch Event, Wednesday 12 June 2024

Brought to you in collaborative partnership with North Lincolnshire Council Public Health.

For regular updates about our launch event and #JoinTheDots Tour please visit this page on our website.

Our #ZeroSuicideSociety #JoinTheDots Tour will start with a Launch Conference to be held on Wednesday 12 June at the Baths Hall in Scunthorpe, a wonderful venue that gives us the space and capacity we need, right where we need it!

To reserve your ticket

You can use this Eventbrite link (Payment via your PayPal account) or via this link which provides the option to pay via PayPal or credit/debit card directly to The Jordan Legacy (please include #Conference2024 as your payment reference.

The programme of speakers and performers will be based around our Zero Suicide Society model, ie from people pushing the boundaries on suicide prevention within each of our ‘pieces of the puzzle’ – the healthcare system; the education system; workplaces, sectors & professions, including training; community-centred support; safe, supportive spaces; ‘designing out suicide’ or ‘designing in suicide prevention’; Tech for Good; etc. 

Reflecting our commitment to aiming for a comprehensive picture whilst acknowledging ‘missing pieces in the puzzle’, our philosophical belief that ‘everyone must be a priority for someone‘, and wanting to hear the diverse voices of those with lived/living experiences of suicide, we’ll have as many diverse perspectives as possible on the stage and in the room. 

It will be lively. And it will be fun. Yes, despite the nature of this subject, hope is about having fun along the way!

And it’s rumoured that Steve will be ‘putting on the lycra’ to begin a sponsored cycle covering some key parts of the route (more to be announced) so we might be waving him and his crew off from the steps of the Baths Hall! 

To reserve your ticket

You can use this Eventbrite link (Payment via your PayPal account) or via this link which provides the option to pay via PayPal or credit/debit card directly to The Jordan Legacy (please include #Conference2024 as your payment reference.

Tour Outline

More details will be announced as we’re able to do so but we expect our #ZeroSuicideSociety #JoinTheDots Tour to make its way from the launch in Scunthorpe, across the Humber Bridge, and through Hull, and then to: 

  • York (including two screenings of York Ending Stigma’s stunning lived experience film WHY)
  • Wakefield (including another cycle ride cheer for Steve from Jordan’s ex-colleagues at the IOPC)
  • Leeds (so many partners here, so many options for what we do in Leeds, so many dots to join!)
  • Halifax/Huddersfield (it’s starting to sound like a rugby league tour so we’ll embrace that too!)
  • Over the Pennines (Steve might cycle this bit or choose to show ‘self-care leadership’ and drive instead – potentially in a very special car!)
  • Greater Manchester (such a great track record on suicide prevention initiatives like this – and we must have the nationally famous ‘Sing Their Name’ Choir!)
  • Bury? Salford? Wigan? St Helens? Warrington? (again, sounds like a rugby league tour but some great suicide prevention initiatives in these places so we’ll ‘join the dots’!)
  • Liverpool/Merseyside (for the big finish – we know Liverpool/Merseyside will do us proud!)

For regular updates about our launch event and #JoinTheDots Tour please visit this page on our website

Arriving in Liverpool for our Merseyside Festival

We aim to arrive in Liverpool on Friday 21 June and have a programme of events, activities & media that will extend through the whole of Saturday 22 June and up to early afternoon on Sunday 23 June. 

We have so many collaborative partners in Liverpool, the wider Merseyside area, and the wider catchment area around Merseyside, we want to give them as much opportunity as possible to showcase what they do in terms of their ‘serious’ suicide prevention work, and their incredible ability to bring people together around arts, music, poetry, sport, etc as well as peer support and appropriate clinical support. 

We’ll work with our collaborative partners to co-create a suitable detailed programme for 21-23 June. 

5th International Zero Suicide in Healthcare Summit

A key reason we’re concluding our #ZeroSuicideSociety #JoinTheDots Tour in Liverpool on 21-23 June (apart from thinking that’s a sensible schedule so we’ll display good ‘self-care leadership’ and have a rest!) is that on 24/25 June, it will be the 5th International Zero Suicide in Healthcare Summit, which is taking place in the UK for the first time, hosted in Liverpool by Mersey Care NHS Trust and the Zero Suicide Alliance (ZSA). 

Obviously, healthcare is a key ‘piece of the puzzle’ in our Zero Suicide Society model, and the proven ‘Zero Suicide in Healthcare’ framework is a key reference point for those, like ourselves, who believe we can get the suicide numbers on a downward trend, towards zero. 

We hope that as many people as possible from the ‘global zero suicide community’ who fly in for this (invitation only) Summit will also join in our #JoinTheDots ‘Merseyside Festival’ on the 3 days prior to the Summit beginning on 24 June. 

How you can get involved as a: Conference Attendee / Tour Partner / Tour Sponsor

Expressions of Interest (Launch Conference Attendees)

We’ll soon be opening up a bookings page for the Launch Conference so you can register. 

Tickets to attend the event will be £120. This is symbolic because, in the UK, we currently lose 120 people to suicide every week. 

If you can afford to pay £120, you’ll be helping us cover our costs for the Launch Conference and the entire Tour which, as you can imagine, will have a lot of costs attached. 

We also welcome any further donations – personal or corporate, ad hoc or longer-term support/regular direct debits.

If you desperately want to attend the launch conference but can’t afford to pay £120, please contact us and we can discuss – we’ll set aside a certain number of ‘concessionary places’. hello@thejordanlegacy.com

Want to reserve your conference place prior to the booking page going live?

If you can afford to pay the £120 ticket fee for the Launch Conference and you want to make sure a place is reserved for you, in advance of the bookings page going live, you can guarantee a ticket by making a donation to The Jordan Legacy of at least £120 and confirming by email: hello@thejordanlegacy.com

These tickets will be in big demand!

Expressions of Interest (Potential Tour Partners)

We already have several ‘Lead Collaboration Partners’ (in Scunthorpe, York, Manchester and Liverpool) and many other people & organisations who’ve committed to working with us to co-design and co-deliver this #ZeroSuicideSociety #JoinTheDots Tour, but we want as many people & organisations as possible to be involved…or just to attend on the day that we’re in your location. 

If you live or work in this ‘M62 Corridor’ we’ve chosen for our Tour – or live & work somewhere else but want to join us, maybe because you have family, friends or ex-colleagues here, or just want to join us because it all sounds so exciting! – please get in touch with us via hello@thejordanlegacy.com

How can you help specifically?

For our time in York, Wakefield, Leeds, Huddersfield, Manchester, Bury/Salford/Wigan/St Helens/Warrington, through to Liverpool/Merseyside, we want to hear what you can add in terms of work you’re already doing to prevent suicides or work you want to do to prevent suicides or ideas you have about how we can get the suicide numbers down, towards zero. 

Ideally, you can be involved in or organise something locally with minimal input from us, although we’ll happily help plan and co-ordinate, and you can work in collaboration with the local ‘Lead Collaboration Partner’. 

If you’re a performer (eg artist, poet, musician, sculptor, sing in a choir, play in a sports team), let’s do something around that (maybe even fitting in with something you’re already doing), not reinvent the wheel or try to do something that’s too much of a stretch. Remember that we value self-care and we want to demonstrate ‘self care leadership’ throughout the Tour!

Like another form of jigsaw picture, it will all come together 12-23 June 2024 with high profile, high energy, high impact, fun! With a few moments for quiet reflection along the way. 

Expressions of Interest (Potential Sponsors)

If you’d like to sponsor the Tour, the Launch Conference, or any component part of the Tour, or any part of our Zero Suicide Society Transformation Programme, please get in touch via hello@thejordanlegacy.com

There are options for Main Sponsor of the Zero Suicide Society Transformation Programme, Main Sponsor of the Launch Conference at Baths Hall, Other Event/Tour Sponsors (eg for each individual location or event along our journey, or the cycle ride), individual ‘pieces of the puzzle’ (eg being our Healthcare Sponsor or Education Sponsor or Workplaces Sponsor or Tech for Good Sponsor). 

You can also make a donation right now to support The Jordan Legacy, either via the website (orange ‘Donate button) or via this JustGiving Page. 

You can make a difference

A ‘Zero Suicide Society’ as we stated earlier, is one that is willing and able to do all it can to prevent all preventable suicides.

No matter how big or small, your support can and will make a difference and you can be part of a future ‘Zero Suicide Society’.

For regular updates about our launch event and #JoinTheDots Tour please visit this page on our website

The Jordan Legacy CIC was established in memory of Jordan Phillip

Significantly reducing the number of suicides is one of the biggest transformational change challenges facing the UK. It will take collaboration – by all those who have a vested interest in preventing deaths by suicide – on a scale we have not experienced before.

Most suicides are preventable, so our goal must surely be to prevent most suicides!

Thank you in anticipation of your support and we’ll leave you with this short video message from The Jordan Legacy’s Founder, Steve Phillip.

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