Jordan’s Place – a centre for hope

Some months following Jordan’s suicide, we discovered he’d had a conversation with Charlotte, his partner, who’d asked Jordan what he would do with the money if he ever won the lottery?

Instead of saying he’d buy a bigger house or a fancier car or take a trip around the world, Jordan said: “I’d invest the money in a place where people who are struggling with their mental health could go to and get well again”

Our vision is to make Jordan’s dream become a reality. At the moment, we have the vision but we need help to make this happen.

Jordan’s Place is somewhere people come to and receive hope- hope that their life is worth living and hope that there is some kind of solution that will help them manage their mental health, build more self-esteem, self-worth and resilience, so they can live a more rich, fulfilling and purposeful life. Jordan’s Place is about finding enjoyment and hope again, knowing also that they are not alone.

Jordan’s Place is open to anyone who is in need of someone to listen to them and who may be experiencing a range of issues but typically have low levels of resilience to perceived negative events, poor self-confidence and self-worth. They may also be experiencing symptoms such as anxiety, depression, burnout or suicidal ideation.

We need help to raise the financing required for such a project. We may require design and construction guidance and expertise also and other support we have yet to consider.

Can you help us create, in Jordan’s memory:

  • a place where people who are struggling with their mental health can come to find peace and get well
  • somewhere providing peer support (‘people like me’) and lived experience support and learning from others
  • a centre with on site therapists, coaches, psychologists, healers etc
  • somewhere with wellbeing classes: sailing, archery, fishing, camping, painting, reading groups, back to nature, orienteering etc

If you believe you can help make Jordan’s dream become a reality and in doing so provide much needed support for those struggling with their mental health or having suicidal thoughts, we’d love to hear from you.

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