Samaritans' guidelines for reporting suicide
Samaritans – latest media guidelines for reporting suicide

The question is often asked; ‘If I ask someone if they’re considering suicide, will it increase the chances they’ll carry this through?’ The answer is; rarely, if ever and there will be situations where it’s important for you to be that direct with someone. However, when it comes to writing and reporting suicide, there is a risk that providing details…
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Jordan’s Birthday

July 11th 2020 This is a moment we could never have contemplated happening – Jordan’s 35th birthday but without him here with us. Devasting doesn’t quite cut it, it’s unfathomable, unbelievable, heartbreaking. The sense of loss on this day will be immeasurable, it simply isn’t right. However, it is the reality of what, in our heads, we know to be…
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