Witnessed or experienced a suicide?

If you have witnessed or had a close experience of a suicide, even if it happened to someone you did not know, the event might affect you in ways that you may not immediately be aware of.

First Hand is a website for anyone affected by witnessing a suicide, when they did not know the person who has died. This may be because you happened to be at a particular location, or because your job involves responding to such incidents.

This support site will help you better understand suicide and how to cope and look after yourself during the first few days and weeks following your experience.

Depending on the circumstances that you experienced, you may find your mind is constantly going over what you experienced and you may even question whether there was anything you could have done to help the person who died? These are natural thoughts to have.

First Hand provides guidance on how to move forward, as well as more specific support for workplaces that have experienced a suicide or if children have been affected.

Visit the  First Hand website here.

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