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The "Zero Suicide Society" Transformation Programme. 'This programme & tour is a breakthrough in suicide prevention!'.

Time for a Breakthrough in Suicide Prevention: Our Zero Suicide Society Transformation Programme: In 2023, The Jordan Legacy published what’s been described as a “ground-breaking” report ‘Moving Towards a Zero Suicide Society’, mapping out what such a society looks like and the practical actions that will get us there. Now we’re rolling out this strategy!

You can read the full report by clicking this link.

Rolling out The ‘Zero Suicide Society Transformation Programme’ 

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What does ‘Rolling it out’ entail?

It involves lots of talks, webinars, online hook-ups & physical meetings with our collaborative partners, Suicide Prevention Leads, Suicide Prevention Partnership Groups, ICBs, NHS Trusts, Councils, Government Departments, MPs, employers, industry associations, sports clubs, charities, community organisations, schools, colleges, universities, designers, Tech for Good entrepreneurs and others involved in implementing practical solutions to prevent suicides.

And, if you’re not included in the list above, we’ll meet with anyone who wants to be ‘part of the solution’ in helping us move towards a Zero Suicide Society and get the suicide numbers on a downward trend, towards zero. 

Did you miss the live Zoom webinar presentation about the Tour on April 4th?

See the recording here:

‘Rolling it out’ in 2024 also means a big public Tour which we’re calling the #ZeroSuicideSociety #JoinTheDots Tour which will travel from the Humber to the Mersey in June 2024. 

An overview of the Tour

The Tour is 12-23 June, with the Launch Conference in Scunthorpe on 12 June, then travelling through Hull (evening of 12 June), York (13 June – ‘Inclusion & Missing Pieces’ event + film screenings), Wakefield & Leeds (the ‘Cycle for Life’ bike ride on 14 June, plus day in Leeds on 15 June), Halifax/Huddersfield (16 June), Rochdale/Oldham (17 June), Bury (18 June, where they’ve given us the Theatre for the day!), Wigan (a hugely eventful day planned for 19 June), Salford/Warrington (another big day on 20 June), St Helens (morning of 21 June), then Liverpool (from lunchtime on 21 June, inc event at Sean’s Place in the evening) – with a big finish 2-day ‘Merseyside Festival with Lived Experience Voices’ at the glorious Lock and Quay on Sat 22 June & Sun 23 June.

For regular updates about specific tour locations and events, please visit this page.

Working in collaborative partnership with Paul Vittles, everything The Jordan Legacy does from 2024 onwards will be dedicated to moving towards a #ZeroSuicideSociety – which we defined in summary as .“a society that is willing and able to do all it can to prevent all preventable suicides”.

Check out the Merseyside Festival happening on the weekend of June 22nd & 23rd. Click here for details.

Joined Up Solutions & Collective Impact 

The #JoinTheDots Tour is part of this ongoing transformation programme, and the public launch of this programme. It’s designed specifically to ‘join the dots’ in two ways:

1) to show how in our Zero Suicide Society model (see graphic summary below) we’re joining together all the ‘pieces of the puzzle’ that, together, will get the suicide numbers down, towards zero.

2) to join together all the people & organisations currently involved in suicide prevention – often doing similar, complementary, potentially synergistic, suicide prevention activity – but who don’t regularly connect or collaborate, or have never done so, possibly not even aware of each other until we connect them!

The tour will join together these people & organisations who have current or potential ‘solutions’, bringing in people & organisations not currently involved in suicide prevention who have also been identified as ‘part of the solution’. 

In line with the Zero Suicide Society model, the approach will be built on the following foundations:

a) listening to and learning from people with diverse lived/living experiences of suicide, and collaborating with other key stakeholders;

b) making sure there’s the ‘Continuous Systemic Action Learning’ (CSAL) we know is proven to get suicides down, towards zero (eg the * Detroit Health based ‘Zero Suicide in Healthcare’ framework);

c) a co-ordinated, collaborative, integrated approach where there are no ‘winners & losers’ – as traditional ‘priority group’ based strategies have – making sure that “Everyone is a priority for someone”!

*Henry Ford Health System in Detroit was the first to pioneer and conceptualize “zero suicides” as a goal in 2001. Since then, it’s grown to become an international call-to-action for healthcare providers that seeks to create a new culture and care pathway around suicide prevention.

Watch this short video to learn more about evidence-based interventions that have emerged as the foundation of striving for zero suicide globally.

Cycle for Life

There will also be a particularly poignant moment during the tour, when Steve, a keen cyclist, will be inviting others to join him on the short ride that will include a pitstop in Wakefield at the offices of Jordan’s former employer, the Independent Office for Police Conduct, to Horsforth near Leeds where Jordan lived.

Don’t forget to check out the Merseyside Festival happening on the weekend of June 22nd & 23rd. Click here for details.

The Conference

Brought to you by Paul Vittles, in collaborative partnership with The Jordan Legacy and North Lincolnshire Council Public Health.

The #ZeroSuicideSociety Tour will be launched on Wed 12 June 2024 from the iconic Baths Hall in Scunthorpe.

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The Tour will begin with a Launch Conference at the glorious Baths Hall in Scunthorpe.

We truly believe there’s never been a suicide prevention conference like this before! The #ZeroSuicideSociety Transformation Programme knits together all the pieces in the puzzle for getting the suicide numbers on a downward trend, towards zero. The #JoinTheDots Tour & Launch Conference collaboratively connect the relevant issues, people & organisations. Don’t miss this unique event!

Regular updates about our speakers here:

The full list of speakers, panel members & performers is being continually updated. There’ll be an impressive line-up, both top professionals in our field and some of the most effective Lived Experience Campaigners we have in the UK.

Click this link to view the line up so far.

Limited ticket availability  – you can buy a ticket here via the Eventbrite page


Pay via PayPal or Credit/Debit Card using the reference #JoinTheDots – click here

£120 for the 120

For the ticket price, £120 has been chosen for two reasons. That price per attendee will generate enough revenue to be able to ensure a high quality event. But, more than that, the 120 number is symbolic because that’s how many people die by suicide in the UK every week.

Every single one of those 120 people who lose their lives to suicide each week are not #JustAnotherNumber, they’re a person who could have lived a long life, being loved and giving love. But we can’t run away from that number – that unacceptably high and needlessly high number – 120 people every week dying by suicide!

Conference Programme Content & Approach

The Conference Programme is structured around the Zero Suicide Society transformation model, making sure that all ‘pieces of the suicide prevention puzzle’ are considered at the Conference and that each piece is covered in depth at some point during our Tour.

To best cover each topic, the Conference will include live talks & presentations, panel discussion sessions, facilitated interviews, pre-recorded videos, artistic & musical performances, Q&As, and appropriate ‘audience interaction’.

More than half of those on the stage will be people with lived or living experiences of suicide, along with appropriate ‘professionals’ in the field or suitable ‘subject matter experts’.

To be true to the Zero Suicide Society model, topics & sessions will cover:

· The Zero Suicide Society Model & Transformation Programme

· National Strategies & Frameworks and ‘Governance for Impact’

· Local Suicide Prevention Partnerships

· Suicide Prevention in Healthcare, and Integrated Health & Social Care

· Community-Centred Services & Support

· Creating & Sustaining Safe, Supportive Spaces

· Suicide Prevention in Education

· Suicide Prevention via Workplaces

· The Role of Research (inc Action Research)

· Designing Out Suicide or Designing In Suicide Prevention

· Tech for Good and Integrated Digital-Human Systems

· Socio-Economic-Cultural-Political Dimensions We Can’t Ignore!

· Missing Pieces in the Suicide Prevention Puzzle?

· A Hopeful Finish!

Guiding Values & Principles

In line with the #JoinTheDots philosophy & strategy, the Tour & Launch Conference will be guided by the following values & principles:

· Lived Experience Involvement & Stakeholder Engagement is our ‘foundation stone’

· To get the suicide numbers on a downward trend, towards zero, we need Continuous Systemic Action Learning (CSAL)

· We must co-ordinate & integrate to make sure ‘Everyone is a Priority for Someone’

· Collaboration is key, and competition in suicide prevention must be avoided

· We must hear as many diverse lived experience voices & different perspectives as possible

· Let’s help people connect to each other and connect up all the ‘pieces in the puzzle’

· We must be action-focused – creating & sustaining hope through practical actions we know prevent suicides

· Advocate, campaign, educate and, where appropriate or necessary, demand change

· Let’s prioritise self-care and have some fun along-the-way

· It’s important to display good practice ‘self-care leadership’

Additional Donations

If you can afford to pay more than the £120 ticket price, The Jordan Legacy would welcome an additional donation to support our work. You can make a donation using PayPal or a credit/debit card via this link – please add the reference #JoinTheDots

Concessionary Places

If you desperately want to attend the Launch Conference but can’t afford to pay the full £120 ticket fee, please contact us because we’ll be setting aside a certain number of concessionary places. Please contact us via hello@thejordanlegacy.com

Your Organisation a Potential Sponsor or ‘Corporate Donor’ for the Conference and/or the Tour?

If you’d like to sponsor the Launch Conference, the Tour or any component part of the Tour, or any part of our Zero Suicide Society Transformation Programme, please get in touch via hello@thejordanlegacy.com

There are options for:

· Main Sponsor of the Zero Suicide Society Transformation Programme

· Main Sponsor of the Launch Conference at Baths Hall

· Other Conference Sponsors (eg sponsoring a particular panel session, or funding the arts & music programme)

· Other Event/Tour Sponsors (eg for each individual location or event along our journey, or the cycle ride)

· Sponsoring individual ‘pieces of the puzzle’ (eg being our Healthcare Sponsor or Education Sponsor or Workplaces Sponsor or Tech for Good Sponsor).

Donate to support our cause

You can also make a donation right now to support The Jordan Legacy, either via the website (donate button top right ) or via this JustGiving Page to fund the ongoing action research on which the Zero Suicide Society Transformation Programme is based.

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Pay via PayPal or Credit/Debit Card using the reference #JoinTheDots – click here


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