We want to hear your Big Ideas!

Imagine you had a Big Idea – an idea so big it made a positive difference for millions of people.

An idea so incredible in fact that, within a very short time, it is clearly saving lives.

To feed into the new national Suicide Prevention Plan, we at The Jordan Legacy want to open up the conversation to find out what you think will prevent us losing around 6500 people to suicide every year in the UK.

Big Ideas are not necessarily new ideas but those likely to have the biggest impact if we invest in them. They might be ideas that have been on the periphery for several years but have not been accepted, included in national plans, and effectively implemented.

In 2012, there was much talk of supporting those bereaved by suicide as a new idea or a big idea to input into the 2012-2017 Suicide Prevention Plan. This illustrates how long it takes to get such ideas ‘into the system’ and also, 10 years on, how much we still need to do to effectively implement such support. Why are families, like my own, often being left to fend for themselves when losing a loved one to suicide?

Big Ideas are effectively ‘breakthroughs’. They can be new thinking or new approaches. They can be ways of better implementing what we know ‘works’ in saving lives. They can be a breakthrough in terms of being accepted by ‘the establishment’ so this is then reflected in research, development, suicide prevention plans and suicide prevention activity.

Over the past two years, The Jordan Legacy has listened with an open mind to all ideas for more impact in saving lives and we have run events and discussion panels around these ideas. These include Designing Out Suicide initiatives and Zero Suicide Plans, Workplace Wellbeing, Creating Safe Spaces, integrated Digital + Human support, and Suicide Prevention via Schools. Again, these might not be completely new ideas but they are potentially Big Ideas if more widely adopted.

In the past 5 years, the topic of ‘online harm’ has become high on the agenda and led to a number of actions including the Online Harms Bill. However, the potentially positive benefits of digital technology applications still struggle to get on the agenda so don’t get the research & development investment they need as potential breakthroughs.


We often hear that having ‘a big conversation’ – a high profile national conversation to take awareness to a new level and prompt more people to contribute to suicide prevention – is itself a Big Idea. Indeed, we think the Government should have a dedicated high profile public engagement process to shape the Suicide Prevention Plan and avoid it getting lost within the broader public consultation on the Mental Health Plan.

The Jordan Legacy is also heavily involved in planning the #BatonOfHopeUK initiative so we can all have that ‘big conversation’.

It’s important for us to keep highlighting Big Ideas at all times but especially so now as the Government is developing the new national Suicide Prevention Plan.

It’s also crucial that we aim high. All of those we interact with regularly share the belief that most suicides are preventable so we surely must be aiming to prevent most suicides and not tolerating this unacceptably high figure of around 6500 suicides per year – which we also knows has a huge ripple effect.

So please let us know what you think are the Big Ideas, and let’s open up that ‘big conversation’! Please leave a comment on this post.




Steve Phillip – Founder of The Jordan Legacy CIC