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> Harry Bliss and Champion Health UK Ltd

In 2018, when Champion Health was setting out as a new and exciting digital health and wellbeing company, its Founder, Harry Bliss, lost a close friend to suicide following an acute bout of workplace stress. From that moment, Harry and the team at Champion were galvanished into action and renewed their mission to become one of the leading workplace health and wellbeing providers in the world. Since then, hundreds of employees have experienced Champion's digital mental health training and employee health assessments. During 2021, the company's vision to become 'The Netflix of Wellbeing' is set to become a reality, with the launch of one of the most comprehensive digital employee health assessment and company reporting platforms available. Champion will also be launching a total wellbeing mobile app, which will enable employees to track their wellbeing daily and manage their health by referring to the app's highly personalised data. It has been proven that companies who implement a robust employee wellbeing culture can expect to see a £6 return (Deloitte Thriving at Work Report 2020) on their investment for every £1 they spend. Champion Health will help your organisation accurately pinpoint where you need to invest that spend, rather than guessing and implementing popular - though less effective - wellbeing strategies. For further information about Champion Health and how you can retain highly productive, healthy and loyal employees, please visit the company's website here.

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> Jodie Hill - Thrive Law

Jodie Hill originally trained as a barrister then cross-qualified as a solicitor. In 2018 she became the founder and Managing Partner of multi-award winning Thrive Law.  Jodie has specialised in employment law throughout her career and has a keen understanding of this complex legal sector, particularly D&I issues, together with all HR related issues. Jodie also has a passion for helping to encourage understanding around mental health and has a strong desire to help end stigma surrounding the subject, to create a happier, healthier workforce. This passion can be seen in her campaign: #OneMind, to bring mental health to the top of the business agendas, with her campaign being featured by Sky News, the BBC, The Times, The Law Society Gazette, Yorkshire Post and other key media. Jodie’s campaigning has been recognised by many, which recently led to her being shortlisted for several Law Society Excellence awards, she awarded a fellowship of the Royal Society for Public Health. In 2019 she became a Law Care Champion and in 2020 she launched This is Me Yorkshire, and appeared on the InsideOut Leader Board as well as being awarded their Advocacy Award. Thrive Law have won two prestigious awards in 2019 for social mobility and diversity and inclusion. And again in 2020! Thrive were also featured by the SRA in their disability leadership campaign and by the law society in their managing mental health in the workplace guidance for their culture. Thrive are now the only small firm who were asked to be an EDI mentor for the Solicitors Regulation Authority. In 2019, Jodie also founded Thrive Women - part of her ongoing mission to enable women to ‘Thrive’ in the workplace - and is disrupting the world of Employment Law as a female entrepreneur with her own firm before the age of 30. Jodie was recently appointed to the Law Society’s Employment Law Committee in 2020 where she will be at the forefront of the changes post Brexit and COVID. Jodie is frequently asked to comment in national media (TV, radio, print and online) on a range of employment law, mental health and D&I issues. Jodie can be contacted via LinkedIn here and Thrive Law via their website here. You can also follow Jodie and Thrive Law on Twitter: @Iamjodiehill  @thrive_law

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> Alice Hendy - R;pple Suicide Prevention

Alice Hendy tragically lost her brother, Josh, on the 25th November 2020 to suicide. Josh was her only sibling, and passed away at just 21 years of age. Alice’s day job involves working in IT and Cyber Security, with experience working for global financial institutions and insurance firms in the city of London. After examining Josh’s phone and laptop following his death, Alice found that Josh had been researching techniques to take his own life. The content, available online following a harmful online search, is far too readily available and fails to provide enough of an intervention between a user searching for harmful content and the subsequent display of the search results. To ensure more help and support is given to individuals in mental health crisis and searching for harmful content online, Alice set up R;pple Suicide Prevention. R;pple addresses the lack of intervention and instead provides an immediate, vibrant display on a user’s device once they have been flagged as searching for online content relating to self-harm or suicide. R;pple is an online nudge technique which consists of a powerful message of hope, as well as providing a selection of mental health support resources in a range of different communicative options (call, text, webchat, self-help app, pocket resources). Through R;pple, an individual feeling despair and researching harmful content will be urged to instead seek mental health support they deserve and need in a way that works best for them. Please follow, like and share Alice’s story via her social media pages and newsletter below: Newsletter Registration: Opt-in here Facebook page: Find here Twitter: Follow here Instagram: Follow here LinkedIn: Personal profile here Website: Find here Email: Message Alice and R;pple here Crowdfunding: Visit R;pple's JustGiving page here  

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> Julija Savina

Julija is a qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist, a Mental Health First Aider and a member of the National Council for Hypnotherapy. Importantly, Julija is someone who has overcome significant challenges in her life to create a successful career helping others to deal with whatever life throws at them. Here's what she has to say about who she is and what she does: I work by taking a personal approach Every person is unique and has their own view of the world, influenced by their beliefs, thinking, feelings and behaviour. I build a bridge between you and me that allows change to happen. Hypnotherapy is about you I can hear you because I listen. I can understand you because I accept you. I don’t judge and I can see the uniqueness in you So we can achieve change by working together to improve your mental health and achieve your full potential Heal your – negative experience past traumas Break free –from limiting beliefs, fears, phobias, stress, depression, and anxiety Strengthen your – confidence and build your inner resilience Take control – of your eating habits, achieve a healthy relationship with food and feel good in your skin Know your direction – find yourself, have a clear goal and focus on it Clear your mind from “I can’t” to “I can” Improve– your well-being and get better nights of sleep My story I came to England from Latvia when I was 15, isolated from my friends and having to start life again without being able to speak English and without qualifications. Shortly afterwards my father was killed in the street in Riga. I have worked hard to overcome these challenges, find my own way and battle my demons. I have always had to battle against the wind. My journey took me to working in healthcare with clients with terminal illnesses and challenging behaviours. I fell in love with making a difference to people’s daily lives and the work rewarded me with an understanding of people and an ability to work with and empathise with people living with difficult circumstances and challenges. As a Clinical Hypnotherapist I work with businesses and individuals giving people a life jacket for support; a torch to shine a light and find the way and a gear stick to help change gear and change direction. I absolutely love spending times outdoors connecting with nature, for me it is like escaping with my best friend. I am active and enjoy group walking, running, tennis and of course a bit of chill with yoga. I am drawn to handmade art and crafts where you can see passion and soul. I love my life and food to be full of flavours and variety. I enjoy movies that are inspiring and show people’s resilience; one of my favourites is Shawshank Redemption. My favourite Quotes; “change your life by changing your outlook on life” “live your life with joy not as if it’s a chore” Hypnotherapy is my passion. I bring my experiences and skills together to help you to achieve your desired change. Get in touch every step you make is already a change. Take control of your Life Julija Savina www.julijasavina.com [email protected] contact number-07760352842 Connect with Julija on LinkedIn here

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A massive thank you is owed to the following people and organisations who have generously provided their time to help us achieve our mission

Think Methodology – Led by Scott Mackintosh and Steve Nicholls, Methodology put hours of work into creating the website we have today. https://thinkmethodology.co.uk/
Rachel Moore – Social media Expert – is doing an amazing job creating and sharing some stunning looking Twitter and Instagram posts for us https://rachelmooresocialmedia.com/