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   Improving mental well-being at work

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As an employer, you have a moral and legal responsibility to look after the mental wellbeing of your employees, this includes completing a documented Stress Risk Assessment. Studies have also proven that companies who introduce a robust mental health and wellbeing strategy see a significant improvement in employee performance, generating in some cases as much as a 900% return on their investment.

In partnership with Champion Health Ltd, The Jordan Legacy offers trained consultants, psychologists and mental health legal experts to ensure your company is ‘mentally fit’. Using cutting edge technology, highly engaging individual and company – wide online assessment tools, supported by personal and organisational action plans, workshops, consultancy and one-to-one coaching support, your business will create:

  1. Thriving, healthier employees, producing greater performance results
  2. A happier and more engaged workforce
  3. Reduced absenteeism through sickness
  4. A measurable financial return on your investment.

How well does your company create the right environment so that these 4 aims can be achieved? To take this short anonymous survey, Click here to access the company assessment.

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   Improving your personal self-worth and confidence

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How confident do you feel in social or other group situations? How much do you value who you are or do you experience low self-esteem? From school age upwards, having the confidence to interact in social and other group settings is a vitally important skill. Also, accepting who you are and not what you have, will better equip you to deal with a world that increasingly promotes the ideal self-image and the acquisition of more. Learn to recognise and accept that it’s ok to be you. 

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   Reducing Social Isolation

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Whether you have a diagnosed mental health difficulty or not, we all have ‘mental health’ and external factors can often lead to fluctuations in how we feel about life and ourselves. Poor mental health can lead to starting to feel socially isolated. Social isolation is a state of complete or near-complete lack of contact between an individual and society and it can be an issue for individuals of any age.

Despite the fact we are arguably more connected than at any time in history, an increasing number of people are feeling detached and isolated, often turning to virtual platforms and social media to escape from the ‘real world’

The Jordan Legacy is committed to helping build supportive communities and in doing so, reducing the sense of social isolation experienced by so many people.

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   Conference keynote speaker – Steve Phillip

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For more than 10 years, Steve has worked with thousands of professionals around the UK and overseas, in companies such as The British Red Cross, Toyota GB, FedEx, Deloitte and Harley Davidson, helping them strengthen their online brand presence, using platforms such as LinkedIn and other social media. However, in December 2019, his world was turned upside down when his son Jordan took his own life following an ongoing battle with depression and anxiety. 

In March 2020, Steve founded The Jordan Legacy, an organisation committed to supporting those challenged by mental health issues in society and at work. He delivers consultancy and talks to business leaders and companies on the importance of managing mental health and emotional well-being at work, including:

  • Understanding the moral, legislative and financial case for investing in your employees’ wellbeing
  • Understanding why the statement “We don’t have a wellbeing issue in our company” is highly unlikely
  • How to recognise if poor mental wellbeing is costing your company financially
  • How to significantly increase performance and productivity by creating a wellbeing culture at your company 
  • How to achieve a more than 900% return from investing in your employees’ physical and mental well being
  • How to evaluate and identify where potential risks to someone’s mental well-being exist and take appropriate action

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