#HopeForLifeUK 2021 – how you can contribute

If you’re struggling with your mental health visit our Resources page

#HopeForLifeUK is an initiative launched by The Jordan Legacy CIC on January 21st 2021. More than 350 people, from around the world, attended an online event to learn how they, like you, can provide hope to people who may be struggling with their mental health and/or considering taking their own lives.

In line with our ‘Zero Suicide Community‘ strategy, #HopeForLifeUK has been created to deliver practical, life-saving solutions through a ground up initiative involving communities, individuals and businesses, culminating in a live conference on national #HopeForLifeUK Day, which will be held on December 4th 2021.

How can you contribute to our mission? – Scroll down to find our ‘How can I help?’ menu

Imagine a world where people are vaccinated with ‘Hope’. Now imagine you are the person giving that vaccination – how would you feel?

What gives you hope in stressful times, in tough times, in the worst of times and where and who do you go to when you need hope?

People who decide to end their own lives do so for many complex reasons but ultimately, they do so because they have lost all hope.

Suicide is a practical act – at The Jordan Legacy CIC, we believe that however challenging our world becomes, whatever pandemics, recessions. climate concerns and life experiences are thrown our way, by taking practical actions we can provide people with more hope and by doing so, prevent most suicides from happening.

What does The Jordan Legacy CIC do?

We provide communities, businesses and individuals with inspiration and guidance to enable them to be able to contribute ideas and then turn those ideas into practical actions – actions which help create psychologically safer places for people to live and work in. You learn more about our ‘Zero Suicide Community’ strategy by following this link.

Our Top-down / ground-up strategy

Our top-down / ground-up strategy


Most suicides are preventable if there is:

  • early identification of danger signs
  • early intervention to safeguard those at risk
  • prevention measures in place
  • support for those bereaved by suicide

‘How can you help?

You’re probably wondering how you can contribute? You might be thinking “I don’t have any mental health skills or qualifications”. That really doesn’t matter, you can bring hope in smallest of ways or the biggest, just by caring enough to want to make a difference. Maybe you can volunteer to support a local or national mental health or suicide prevention charity, perhaps you’ve always wanted to become a mental health first aider, maybe you’ll become a Samartans volunteer or you simply decide to better educate yourself about mental wellbeing to enhance your understanding?

Big thinking – maybe you run a business and you want to introduce suicide prevention training into your organisation and develop the entire culture of your company to become more focused on the mental health and general wellbeing of your employees – perhaps you are someone in a position of real influence and you can affect mental health policies and legislation or you can help The Jordan Legacy enhance our media coverage?

How Can I Help Menus

Your contribution, big or small, can help us save lives.

If you are an individual or a small business, please use this link to download a copy of the relevant ‘How can I help?’ menu.

If you are a larger business or organisation, please use this link to download a copy of the relevant ‘How can I help?’ menu.

Click the following link for more information about our ‘Zero Suicide Community‘ strategy and our #HopeForLifeUK plans for 2021.

Watch our #HopeForLife UK Day launch event video

This is a recording of our #HopeForLifeUK launch event, which took place on January 21st 2021. More than 350 people registered to attend, with many contacting us afterwards with feedback such as “superb event” and “incredibly motivating and thought provoking” and “I’m feeling moved and encouraged”.

If you can find time to find a quiet space, grab a coffee and press play, you’ll see why so many people were inspired by this event and then got in touch to ask how they can contribute to our #HopeForLifeUK initiative during  2021.

Join our #HopeForLifeUK community

By following this link https://bit.ly/365oYXB you can opt-in to join The Jordan Legacy’s #HopeForLifeUK Community, where we will provide you with updates on our progress. We are also creating our Community Hub, where you will able to contribute your ideas for how we can make a real and practical difference in preventing suicides and saving lives. This initiative will culminate in #HopeForLifeUK Day on December 4th 2021.

 Workshops and speaker sessions

 If you’re struggling with your mental health visit our Resources page

The Jordan Legacy has created a series of 60-minute or half-day online or in-house workshops on the topic of maintaining optimal mental wellbeing, coping with poor mental health, supporting yourself or others when mental health becomes a concern, suicide prevention, crisis intervention and post-vention support.

  • Spot the signs that you or someone might be struggling with your mental health
  • Remove the stigma and feel comfortable talking openly about your mental health
  • Understand that you are not alone – normalising the discussion around mental health and suicide
  • Recognise why talking is important and what the potential consequences of not talking could be.
  • Support colleagues, friends, family who might be struggling with their mental health
  • Find ways to improve your own mental wellbeing
  • What to do in a crisis

These are just some of the topics covered in our lived experience workshops.
NB: Our workshop facilitators are not NHS registered or medically qualified but are well-researched and in all cases have a lived experience relating to poor mental health and issues relating to suicide 

Contact us for more information.


Conference keynote speaker – Steve Phillip

 If you’re struggling with your mental health visit our Resources page

From 2009, Steve had worked with hundreds of professionals around the UK and overseas, in companies such as The British Red Cross, Toyota GB, FedEx, Deloitte and Harley Davidson, helping them strengthen their online brand presence, using platforms such as LinkedIn and other social media. However, in December 2019, his world was turned upside down when his son Jordan took his own life following an ongoing battle with depression and anxiety. 

Image of Steve Phillip

In March 2020, Steve founded The Jordan Legacy CIC, an organisation committed to preventing suicide, as part of the global ‘Zero Suicide Community’. A member of the National Suicide Prevention Alliance, he now talks to business leaders, employees and communites about preventing suicides in their community and how they can spot the signs of poor mental health and improve the wellbeing of those they work and live amongst.

To book Steve to speak at your event online or on-site, click this link