Charlotte Heathcote

Charlotte – Senior Clinical Psychologist

Charlotte is a Clinical Psychologist by background, having worked with individuals, families, and systems within the NHS for over 7 years. Charlotte specialises in working with adults with severe and enduring mental health problems, but also has extensive experience in working with other populations across a range of settings, including prison, inpatient and community.

On 4th December 2019, Charlotte’s life, as she knew it, changed forever, when she lost Jordan, her partner, to suicide. Charlotte’s motivation for the mission of the Jordan Legacy is clear; she vows to dedicate her professional career to supporting work that aims to reduce rates of suicide, in Jordan’s memory.

Charlotte has a particular passion for influencing change within our mental health systems, and changing societal views around suffering and mental health. Tackling the issue of suicide is multi-faceted, and Charlotte is dedicated to addressing this issue from all angles.