Andy McMenemy -Clin.Hyp. D.Thyp.(Dist) MHS (Accred) – Peak Personal Performance / Suicide Prevention

Andy is an award winning speaker, facilitator, leadership development mentor, personal development coach and behavioural change specialist. At one point in his career he collapsed through stress and decided to leave a highly successful corporate position to rebalance his life. Andy went on to become a highly trained Clinical Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist.

Andy uses a blend of other highly effective skills, parts of therapy, counselling, psychotherapy and positive psychology to support clients in re-gaining control over the parts of their lives that they feel stuck in or have lost control over.  He has successfully supported suicidal clients suffering emotional turmoil from many diverse backgrounds and careers by helping them to establish a solid foundation of emotional wellbeing and then to find their powerful purpose and passion for their life. This in turn empowers their mental toughness and resilience in facing the challenges that life inevitably throws up.

Andy says; “If you or someone you love is suffering anxiety or feeling depressed, I understand how uncomfortable that may feel. It’s likely that you are feeling similar to many others in our current society and everyone feels down or depressed at some point in their lives, this is not unusual. The secret lies in understanding that we all need support, guidance and a helpful perspective, at times, to help us rebalance and bounce back again.”

What should you do next? “I’ll provide you with that support..” says Andy, “..either on the phone or we can have a chat over a cuppa – you choose. I will never judge you. After all, we have all been on a similar journey and I understand how difficult that journey can be at times” 

Contact Andy for   m:07590 113704