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Understanding the mental health landscape and recognising the circumstances which may mean someone is struggling or having suicidal thoughts, is a simple but vital skill to learn but one we should all possess. Learning how to spot the signs of poor mental health in yourself or in others and how to open up a conversation and support someone who is struggling, could save a life.

The Jordan Legacy’s talks are delivered from lived experience of poor mental health and suicide, combined with many years of speaking to public and corporate audiences.

“The talk was incredibly touching, emotional but most importantly educational and colleagues left with a greater awareness and practical steps to take should they be supporting someone who was considering ending their own life.”

You will hear about some of the myths surrounding mental health and suicide and how to break down stigma.

Our talks also include how to look after your own wellbeing and prevent potential mental health issues from developing.

Talks can be delivered to:

  • Public groups and other community settings, to increase knowledge and awareness about mental health and suicide
  • Schools, where age appropriate sessions enable students to better understand how to support themselves and their peers and teachers and parents can also be equipped with important skills to support children and young people
  • Workplaces, where we focus on how to create psychologically safer and thriving workplaces

“Your talk made such a difference. We immediately saw lots of people come forward and explain how they were struggling with their mental health. We referred many of them to occupational health for support.”

“You were pioneering, you caused us to want to facilitate change and to better support the wellbeing of those who work alongside us.”

Talks with impact – for more information please email: [email protected]

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for your time and the talk that you delivered today at our school. You are incredible! I’m left moved, upset but also informed and hopeful – what a combination of emotions. The work you do is of great importance, and I know that it will have had an impact on our young people today.”

How to request a talk

Who would you like us to speak to?

We deliver talks to community and business audiences, leaders, managers, employees, school students and in community settings. Let us know who your audience is and what you would like to achieve as an outcome from the talk.

“I spoke with several parents following your talk at the school, who said they were physically impacted by your words and would be changing their behaviours toward suicide prevention in future.”

“Your talk has led to us:

  • Training up 16 additional mental health advocates
  • Training managers to adopt a coaching style of leadership with their teams, one where they listen as much as talk
  • Changing our Employee Assistance Programme provider
  • Introducing a new continuous improvement management process, which includes regular check-ins with individual employees.
  • Regularly bringing in speakers who deliver well-attended talks on a range of wellbeing subjects.”

The Jordan Legacy is a not-for-profit Community Interest Company (CIC). We do not charge fees for our talks. Instead, we ask that you consider providing a donation to support our work in suicide prevention. The amount of the donations we receive for our talks varies and we would be happy to provide you with further information about this. Please email: [email protected]

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