Design Out Suicide

It is our mission to be at the forefront of the advancement of mental health and preventing lives being lost to suicide.

Originally a broader concept developed to take a design thinking and process engineering approach to all the steps that lead up to someone taking their own life, including restricting access to means, this concept has been embraced by those involved in the design and construction of outdoor structures and places, including places which are often chosen by people intent on ending their own lives.

For this part of our Zero Suicide strategy, our actions are aimed at engaging with those who are actively involved in supporting mental health and preventing suicides in the design of the built environment; and also those employed in the construction sector where suicide rates are high.

We aim to continually raise awareness of what actions the design and construction industries can take to reduce instances of suicide.

We will collaborate with others providing mental health and suicide prevention support, within the design and construction sectors, to identify and share what is working well, so that others may learn from these initiatives and implement similar approaches.

We will design and run events, workshops, conferences and educational talks which will raise awareness and also provide practical guidance so that ‘Design out suicide’ (or ‘design in suicide prevention’) becomes a part of the culture of many design and construction companies. We will also highlight and promote those who provide similar initiatives so that those responsible for the design and construction of outdoor structures and spaces choose to embrace a design out culture within their organisations.

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