Danielle Phillip – Operational Support

Danielle is Jordan’s sister and for the past 17 years, she worked at a Lancashire primary school, helping young people as they began to navigate their journey in life. Arguably Danielle’s work and raising her 2 son’s has helped keep her busy, with little time to really dwell on the tragedy of losing her brother to suicide.

As time passed, Danielle felt an increasing need to find some way to honour her brother’s memory and it wasn’t long before a conversation with her Dad, Steve, led to her taking a massive leap out of her comfort zone. In August 2021, she resigned from her role as a teaching assistant to join The Jordan Legacy as Operational Support, to help her Dad and The Legacy with the implementation and management of the organisation’s suicide prevention and mental wellbeing strategies.

Danielle is responsible for managing The Jordan Legacy’s social media platforms and content sharing, as well providing administration support for events and other suicide prevention activities undertaken by the organisation.

You can connect with Danielle on LinkedIn by clicking here

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