Become a ‘Hero Partner’ like Craven Consultancy Services Ltd

Like so many, who have been moved and inspired by our work to help prevent suicides, in December 2021, Dee Newton messaged Steve via LinkedIn; “Hi Steve Could you please give me a call about how we could support your organisation. Thank you  Dee”

This simple message led to Steve meeting with Dee and Craven Consultancy’s MD, Liz Brewster, via Zoom. That conversation led to Craven Consultancy Services becoming our latest ‘Hero Partner’

Located near Skipton,in North Yorkshire, Craven Consultancy Services consists of Craven Safety Services & Craven HR Services and provides a range of health and safety and HR training, consultancy and software solutions to businesses. Full details of all these services can be found on their website here.

As a ‘Hero partner’, Liz and her team have committed a regular monthly financial donation to The Jordan Legacy, as well as agreeing to undertake a range of activities during the next 12 months, some of which include:

  • Promoting The Jordan Legacy in Craven Consultancy’s monthly newsletters
  • Add a full page to Craven Consultancy Services’ website with information and links to how people can donate to The Jordan Legacy
  • Attending the Mental Health First Aid training courses organised by The Jordan Legacy and promoting these courses to Craven Consultancy’s clients
  • Share posts about The Jordan Legacy’s work via LinkedIn and other social media.
  • Create various events throughout the year to raise funds for The Jordan Legacy.

In October of 2022, Craven hosted an evening networking and fundraising event at Broughton Hall near Skipton. The event included some amazing and inspiring speakers and our own Steve Phillip kicked-started the evening by sharing a few words about the issues relating to suicide and mental health and about the work we do at The Jordan Legacy.

It’s this kind of financial and importantly, practical support provided by organisations like Craven Consulting Services, which makes a huge difference to the work we do at The Jordan Legacy in helping to prevent suicides.

Thank you for pledging your support for 2022, Dee, Liz and team!

Become a ‘Hero Partner’ like Craven Consultancy Services Ltd

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