Penny climbs mountain in Croatia!

In 2010, Penny Tyler tragically lost her sister and best friend Lucie Ann Tyler to suicide. “Lucie was a beacon of light for all those around her…the warmest, funniest, kindest person you would ever meet.”

In April 2022, in memory of her sister and to raise funds for The Jordan Legacy and The Zee Foundation in Uganda, Penny travelled to Croatia, to climb the treacherous 350m route called Mosoraski on the Paklenica Mountain.

To say the conditions were, at times, dangerous, is probably an understatement, so much so, that Day 1’s plans had to be cancelled! At one point, Penny and her climbing buddies were being blown up the mountain, until a severe gust of wind literally blew her off her feet and she didn’t land until the gust subsided, as you’ll see in this short video clip below.

Incredibly, the climb raised an incredible £1259.40 for The Jordan Legacy! Thank you Penny, you are a a real super-hero!!

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