Community Solutions

It is our mission to be at the forefront of the advancement of mental health and preventing lives being lost to suicide.

For this part of our strategy, our actions are aimed at benefitting communities, including; schools, colleges and universities, local businesses, non-professional and professional sports clubs and teams, local chambers of commerce and business groups and associations, local charities and support groups, local NHS and mental health teams, suicide prevention leads, charities and other third sector organisations and groups by sharing relevant information, advice, awareness-raising, education, and support to help create communities where suicide prevention is more openly discussed and deaths by suicide become increasingly rare events.

We will collaborate with local communities and those providing mental health and suicide prevention support, who support our vision to move toward a Zero Suicide society. We will identify and share what is working well within these communities, so that others may learn from these initiatives and implement similar approaches.

We will design and run events, workshops, conferences and educational talks which will raise awareness and also provide practical guidance.

We will always encourage high ambition in preventing suicides and promote strategies and actions that can significantly reduce the numbers of deaths within our communities. We will also challenge those groups, organisations and bodies who appear to be setting low ambition targets.

We also understand the importance of engaging with the latest research and will therefore, commission, carry out and disseminate research that can assist in advancing mental health and suicide prevention within our communities.

We understand that many of those in our communities who engage with us may be struggling with their mental health or suicidal thoughts. We will safeguard these individuals by providing direct support, where appropriate, with non-clinical coaching and social support, along with signposting and partnering with relevant professionals and clinical specialists.

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