Show 5. ‘I had to be perceived as being ok even though I wasn’t’ with Chris Haill of MindForce DXB and Just Reach Out 

This episode features an interview with 53 year old Chris Haill, who lives and works in Dubai. On January 2nd 2020, Chris made an attempt to end his own life and was saved only by the last minute intervention of members of a Facebook group he belonged and the Dubai police.

This interview is a raw and authentic account of how Chris has battled with depression for over 40 years whilst trying to live up to the male stereotype of being perceived as strong and not show weakness. This powerful account is a must listen for any man struggling with opening up about their mental health and for anyone supporting someone they are concerned about.

Listen to the entire show below, including music tracks, which mean something special to Chris.

Listen to Show 5 via Yowah Radio’s Podbean channel – this version is the interview only and no music

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