Show 34 – Coping with multiple loss experiences – with David Eakins.

How would you cope if someone close to you died suddenly and then only a few months later the same situation happened again?

This is David Eakins‘ story.

In 2017, David received a call from his brother and had to make an urgent journey to attend the bedside of his 64 year old father, who had suffered a severe brain haemorrhage.

Whilst still mourning the passing of his Dad, David and his wife were looking forward to the birth of their first child 5 months later.


….when the day arrived, there were complications during the birth and the unthinkable happened!

Listen to this episode of Space to hear what happened and how the combined traumas David experienced, including losing his job, led to him experiencing PTSD and climbing the fence at a railway station one day intent on ending his own life.

Despite the traumas David and his family experienced, things did turn around. You’ll also hear how a caring psychiatrist handing our her business card to David, following the birth of his son, saved David’s life.

David has now started a new chapter in his life, running his own consultancy, sharing his experience, to help employees cope with stress and build resilience.

For details of David’s consultancy, “Happy Sapien”, you can visit his website by  clicking this link.


Listen to the entire show below, including music tracks specially chosen by David

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