Show 30 – Post-traumatic growth and taking control of life – an interview with Marc Convey.

‘Young people need to understand that pain and trauma are just a part of life’

Marc Convey knows better than most about experiencing pain and trauma from a young age. At 14, engulfed in a wall of flames, Marc still bears the physical and mental scars of the event which took place in his Uncle’s barn on that day in 1992.

Marc’s story is about so much more than his scars though, it one of incredible hope and unwavering resolve and a determination to prove to himself and others that he would recover and go on to thrive in life.

As you listen to Marc’s remarkable recovery from the horrific burns he experienced and his near death experiences, you’ll also hear him qualify his words: ‘Young people need to understand that pain and trauma are just a part of life’ and how life is like a swinging pendulum, often swaying between happy and bad times and if you can accept that neither state is permanent, then this can help you cope with what life might send your way.

This is a message that any young person or parent should take time to listen to. Now, more than ever, young people are struggling, daily, with life and trying to find their place in this world.

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