Show 24 “Where I come from suicide is considered something people just do” An interview with Evelina Dzimanaviciut.

On this edition Jordan’s Space, we speak with CEO and Co-founder of Elite Mind Academy,  Evelina Dzimanaviciute.

Evelina arrived in the UK from Lithuania for what was meant to be a short holiday. When circumstances meant she was unable to return home, she had to find work and settle into a new country and culture where she knew very few people and didn’t speak English.

Evelina now works with organisations, showing them that it doesn’t require huge budgets to properly embed employee wellbeing into the culture of any business, rather than treating it as a tick box add on and nice to have option.

You will hear Evelina talk about the country she left, which has one of the highest suicide rates in Europe and how historically its people struggled to live independently under the shadow of a soviet regime, which led many to distrust their own family, friends and neighbours, lacking empathy for others.

Evelina explains how many in Lithuania lose hope due to the lack of certainty in their lives and the socio-economic problems they face and how suicide becomes a tragic path to certainty.

Another hugely inspiring story of hope and a must listen to interview for any industry leader who is looking to embed employee wellbeing into their organisations.

Listen to the entire show below, including music tracks, which mean something special to Evelina

Listen to the show via Yowah Radio’s Podbean channel – this version is the interview only and no music

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