Show 21 – From 30 years of self-abuse and mental torment to finding the creativity in others – an interview with Paul Chambers.

On this week’s show,  The Jordan Legacy chats with with Paul Chambers of The Creative Mental Health Charity PoetsIN as he tells his story of how living with a severe speech impediment, the distress caused by his parents divorce when he was 5 and a period of 30 years of descending into alcohol and drug misuse, led to him attempting to end his own life.

Eventually, Paul recognised something had to change but as he attempted to clean himself up, he experienced a complete mental breakdown. 

Paul’s story is one of hope as he talks about how a chance encounter online, led to him forming a business partnership and the creation of a quite unique and creative mental health charity, which is making a measurable difference to children from the age of 8, right through to convicted criminals in prison, by helping them express their emotions and often hidden feelings and by doing so giving them hope that they can cope with life and in many cases thrive there also. 

Listen to the show via Yowah Radio’s Podbean channel – this version is the interview only and no music

Listen to the entire show below, including music tracks, which mean something special to Paul

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