Show 19: The impact of suicide within the veterinary profession – Interview with Alison Clark and Dr Rosie Allister.

Why are deaths by suicide 3 times higher in the veterinary profession?

For the first time on Jordan’s Space, this episode features 2 guests: Alison Clark, a health and safety advisor with CVS Group Plc and a mental health first aid trainer and Dr Rosie Allister, a veterinary surgeon and mental health and suicide researcher, speaker and writer.

Alison and Rosie have experienced losses to suicide whilst training for and working in the veterinary profession. During our conversation, we’ll hear why there is an elevated risk of suicide amongst those working in this profession. Isolation, long hours, compassion fatigue, access to means, there are numerous reasons why the veterinary profession needs to do more to reduce the risk of further losses to suicide.

During the show, you’ll hear Alison and Rosie reference Vet Life an organisation which provides support to members of the UK veterinary community and their families who have emotional, health or financial concerns, whilst seeking ways to prevent such situations in the future.

You’ll also hear Rosie talk about 2 key pieces of research she has been involved in and these can found by following these links:

Suicide Prevention in Veterinary Workplaces Project – click here

Suicide postvention guidance for veterinary workplaces – click here


Listen to the entire show below, including music tracks, especially chosen for this episode

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