Show 10. ‘The Power of Listening’ with Debbie Rogers of Sean’s Place

When it comes to mental health and suicide prevention, listening is a vitally important component. On this episode of Jordan’s Space, we talk with Debbie Rogers, founder of Sean’s Place in Liverpool. Debbie established Sean’s Place in 2020 just 5 months after losing her brother Sean to suicide in July of 2019. Listen to this truly inspiring episode, as Debbie explains how raw passion and a sense of injustice drove her to set up a place where men who are struggling with their mental health and suicidal thoughts can come to, feel listened to and receive the support they need. She achieved all this whilst raising 3 children, holding down a full-time job, arranging her brother’s funeral and dealing with a lengthy and difficult inquest into the failings of the NHS healthcare system which led to Sean’s suicide. This is truly a message of hope.

Listen to the entire show below, including music tracks, which mean something special to Debbie:

Listen to the show via Yowah Radio’s Podbean channel – this version is the interview only and no music:

To learn more about the inspiring things happening at Sean’s Place, you can visit their website here

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