Our marathon and ultra-marathon superstars

Whenever we receive messages from individuals or organisations saying they’d like to raise funds to support our work, it gives us a huge boost. Such generosity allows us to continue the work we do. In Autumn 2022, two more incredible people, unknown to each other, got in touch with The Jordan Legacy.

Rachel Delaney works in general practice as a nurse and mental health support and mental health signposting is an important part of her role. On October 2nd 2022, Rachel donned her running shoes and ran the 26.2 miles of the London Marathon to raise funds to support The Jordan Legacy.

Steve Carr is already well-known to us at The Jordan Legacy and is one of our primary partners for the delivery of accredited suicide prevention training. Steve is no stranger to taking on an adventure, including flying planes, riding fast motorcycles and more. However, in October 2022, Steve decided to run his first event ultra marathon – more than 31 miles!

Steve’s life has not been without its challenges. He experienced an extremely traumatic childhood, including the death of his elder brother which led to addiction, homelessness and attempted suicide. Later in life he suffered a mental health breakdown in the workplace and was given a mental health diagnosis of  PTSD.

Between Rachel and Steve’s incredible efforts, they raised more than £1000 to support our work. Thank you both for every aching muscle and sore foot your experienced in helping us give hope to others.

Our marathon and ultra-marathon superstars

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