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Will You Join Us for The Launch of #HopeForLifeUK Day 2021?

On Thursday, January 21st 2021 at 1pm (UK time), The Jordan Legacy CIC is launching its first officially recognised #HopeForLifeUK Day campaign and we’d like to invite you to join us at 1pm that day. 

#HopeForLifeUK Day will actually take place on December 4th 2021 and each year following. January 21st is the launch event for this campaign.

Unable to join live? You can still register and you will receive a recording of the event.

December 4th is an important day, as it’s when Jordan took his own life in 2019. Within months, The Jordan Legacy CIC was born with a vision to help create a desired state where deaths by suicide are rare events – we currently lose more than 800,000 people to suicide, globally, each year, that’s one person every 40 seconds.

Each suicide affects another 135 people who are either directly connected or associated in some way with the person who died. 38% of those bereaved by suicide will go on to harbour thoughts of taking their own life and 8% will attempt to do so. 

This situation has to change – we have to create more hope and more reasons for people to want to continue living and not consider suicide as a means to remove the temporary pain they are experiencing.

What is #HopeForLifeUK Day?

Each #HopeForLifeUK Day will of course reflect on Jordan’s life and what happened but it will also be about bringing people together, in Hope – hope that through The Jordan Legacy we can:

  • reduce the number of suicides which are increasing every year and provide people who are struggling with more reasons to want to live
  • all work together in our communities and workplaces, we can support others and be supported by them, when we are struggling
  • find ways to improve our mental health systems, processes and policies, so that those who have lost all hope don’t simply receive a 10-minute GP’s appointment and then are sent on their way with a prescription and a charity helpline number to call
  • encourage more people to open up and talk and that we can begin to remove the stigma surrounding poor mental health, particularly amongst men
  • positively impact on our children and their children, so they grow up believing in their own self-worth and the importance and value of their contribution in this world.

At this event, there will be an opportunity for you to share what #HopeForLifeUK Day means to you to and we will also be sharing more information about The Jordan Legacy’s Zero Suicide Community strategy and how you can be involved in helping to provide more people with more reasons to want to live.

To attend this event, please follow this link to register.

We would greatly appreciate any level of donation from £1 upwards. We rely on donations to help us continue to work in the suicide prevention sector and help save lives.

Donations can be using the ‘Donate’ button, located in the orange band on The Jordan Legacy website’s Home page here