Steve Twynham - Inspire Radio

Steve Twynham and Yowah Radio

Steve is the founder of Yowah Radio.

Sometimes talking about mental health and suicide prevention needs to be as much about HOPE as it is about sadness – hope that we can make a difference and save lives. The Jordan Legacy is delighted that Steve agreed for Yowah Radio to partner with us and a play button to the station can be found on our Home page.

Yowah Radio broadcasts online across the world with listeners in twenty-eight countries.
Their focus is about:

  • Lifestyle.
  • Health & Wellbeing.
  • Personal development.
  • Inspirational guests from around the world.
  • Inspirational quotes.
  • The inspirational book of the week.
  • The mediation Hour
  • And with great music too.

Steve has worked on a number of radio stations here in the UK and on American platforms and he presents his inspiring breakfast show between 7am and 10am which is probably the best way to start your day.(Steve’s words).

With feelgood music to start your day and the true or false quiz, along with the fun game ‘What song are these words from?’ Steve’s show features inspirational guests, the inspirational book of the week and it’s simply a great breakfast show and a great way to start your day.

Steve also works as an Inspirational Coach, speaker and Hypnotherapist.
One of Steve’s favourite quotes is ‘Amazing Things Rarely Happen In Your Comfort Zone’.

Steve has worked in the area of Personal Development for over 30 years helping people to break limiting beliefs and let go of the things that have been holding them back from and living a rich and meaningful life. During this time Steve has become known as ‘The Happy Coach’.

Passionate about why we do the things we do, even when we know they do not support us, Steve trained and qualified as a Life Coach & Clinical Hypnotherapist.

Steve truly understands that everyone he works with is an individual, tailoring his approach to each person that he helps to make a change. This could be Life Coaching, Hypnotherapyor a blend of both. Here are a number of ways you can contact Steve:


His own website

The Home Of Yowah – Yowah Radio Radio

Listen to inspirational podcasts