Scott Mackintosh - Legacy Team Member

Scott Mackintosh – supporting wellbeing through the PSHE school curriculum

Scott is a joint owner of, and Director in The Methodology Group, a group of companies working specifically in data analytics, digital transformation and technology platforms. 

Scott believes that the challenge for charities, particularly post Covid, is not just to remain relevant, but to remain sustainable – trading helpful knowledge is a way of doing both, which ensures the mission of reducing social isolation and to increase the independence of those living with a visual impairment or other disabilities is delivered for a very long time – . a very similar mission to that of the The Jordan Legacy CIC.

Scott partnered with The Jordan Legacy because of his shared values, philosophies and goals in wanting to design and deliver optimal mental health and help reduce suicide. Reflecting on Jordan’s life and what took him to that tragic moment in 2019, Scott thought about his own kids, especially his son who has Sensory Processing Disorder, which often causes him to feel anxious and stressed. His fear is that if we don’t create a positive and inclusive environment for our young and vulnerable community, more will end up at that same moment Jordan found himself. 

Scott is a family man, married to Laura for 20 years and a doting dad to Isabella (Issy), Ellis, Marielle (Mimi) and Leonora (Lenny) the English Bulldog!* He’s also a proud Scot, who wears his kilt at every opportunity!