Paul Vittles

Paul Vittles FMRS FAMI FRSA – facilitating transformational change to move towards zero suicide

Paul is a Research Fellow; a pioneer in the fields of community engagement, participatory democracy, and facilitating transformational change; plus a consultant, coach and counsellor. He’s the only person to twice be a finalist for the TEDx Sydney “best idea worth spreading” award – winning in 2011 for “Listen Hear: The Global Campaign for Effective Listening” and then speaking from the stage at the Sydney Opera House in 2014 on “Digital Life Saving” – using digital communications technology to save lives.

Paul is contracted to work with The Jordan Legacy to assist with the research, creation and co-delivery of the organisations suicide prevention strategies and activities.

In 2013-14, for the 60th Anniversary of Samaritans and the 50th Anniversary of Lifeline Australia, Paul facilitated a global forum on ‘Breakthrough Ideas for Suicide Prevention’, generating 10 Big Ideas. He helped establish a national framework for optimal workplace mental health in Australia, and national plans for suicide prevention, including facilitating the stakeholder engagement which led to the establishment of the National Suicide Prevention Research Fund (with an initial $12m from the Department of Health – recently topped up with another $4.7m):

Paul left the UK for Australia in 2005, after suffering burnout as CEO of an award-winning consulting firm which he grew from 5 to 50 people, and returned in August 2019. His final role in Australia was Strategic Workplace Wellbeing Adviser for one of Australia’s largest employers, Ausgrid.

Now back in the UK, back in York, Paul is a Transformational Change Consultant (carrying out projects, coaching, and giving talks); he’s a Non-Executive Director of York Community Consulting (YCC) supporting young consultants in pro bono projects to gain experience and achieve social impact; Paul has joined the Board of Trustees for Age UK York, and is currently involved in an initiative to tackle loneliness and disadvantage by moving York to be a 100% Digital City; he’s working with several clients on ‘Survive & Thrive Strategies’; and he was contracted to the Zero Suicide Alliance (ZSA) after COVID19 Lockdown to curate content for a new ZSA Resources Hub, which was built in 3 months and launched on 29 June 2020:

Paul also helped to promote the ZSA’s highly successful, evidence-based, peer-reviewed, online suicide prevention training – highly recommended – which now has more than 1.5 million completions:

Paul has curated and run events on workplace wellbeing and suicide prevention, including the OneTeamGov event on World Suicide Prevention Day 2020 which had 11 of 15 Speakers with Lived Experience, 933 registrations, glowing feedback, and evidence of impact. Click this link, where you will find relevant details, including resources.

Paul has lived experience of suicide, from multiple perspectives, making suicide prevention a personal and professional passion. However, Paul brings ‘a cool head’ as well as ‘fire in the belly’, along with his proven toolkit for transformational change in many different fields (his recent articles include 40 impact case studies) which he has now adapted for practical, transformational change to move towards zero suicide (not set low ambition targets like ‘10% reduction in 5 years’!).

You can contact Paul via LinkedIn (the only Paul Vittles on LinkedIn) or Twitter (@PaulVittles), and you can read Paul’s views and his work on transformation based on listening, engagement & empowerment via his Medium articles: