Digital & Human Lifesaving Systems

It is our mission to be at the forefront of the advancement of mental health and preventing lives being lost to suicide.

For this part of our Zero Suicide strategy, our aim is to engage with those working in digital communications technology fields, including those developing apps, real time surveillance solutions, social media platforms, websites and other emerging technologies, to raise awareness about suicide and encourage the research and development of practical solutions which will help prevent deaths by suicide.

The Jordan Legacy will continuously look for gaps and breakthrough ideas via the positive application of digital communications linked to human support systems. This includes complementing and challenging existing suicide prevention and wellbeing research and activities.

We will collaborate with those who can demonstrate evidence of how their technology can save lives, so that we can share what is working well, to enable others to learn from these initiatives and implement similar approaches.

We will design and run events, workshops, conferences and educational talks which will raise awareness and also provide practical guidance so that communities and workplaces understand what digital solutions are available and how they can be applied.

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