Nicki Eyre – Preventing and resolving workplace bullying – including cyberbullying

Nicki is the founder of Conduct Change and believes that everyone deserves to feel heard, valued and respected.  During her career, Nicki has experienced both opportunity and adversity, including her own experience of feeling bullied at work, and is able to bring this wealth of experience to her role as a coach, speaker and trainer. She is a qualified transformational coach, and also has additional skills as a certified MBIT coach (Multiple Brain Integration Techniques)

Nicki is passionate about working with individuals and businesses to prevent and resolve workplace bullying, including cyberbullying.  Employees are supported to increase their own personal and emotional resilience, raising self awareness of their own behaviours and impact on relationships, enabling them to be able to cope effectively with more complex situations, and provide compassionate leadership. Her purpose is to bring clarity around workplace bullying in order to create more courageous and compassionate approaches to changing behaviour in workplaces.

Nicki delivers:

  • Training programmes to transform behaviour in business by raising awareness and preventing workplace bullying and cyberbullying through compassionate leadership and cultures
  • Coaching to individuals who feel bullied at work, and those accused of being a bully
  • Speaking and media campaigns to highlight the need to talk about bullying
  • Campaigning for a review of legislation and for a definition of bullying to be written into UK law
  • Access to an independent body of specialist coaches, trainers, investigators and mediators
  • Support to people who have experienced workplace bullying and are struggling to move on, on a “Pay as you are able” basis

You can contact Nicki

Via her website Conduct Coaching  Email [email protected]

Mobile 07921 264920

On LinkedIn /

Twitter @Conduct_Change