Tara Powell - Mental Health First Aid England Trainer - our partner

Tara is an established mental health instructor, offering Mental Health First Aid England certified, face to face and online courses. Tara’s courses include half day Mental Health Aware (Adult & Youth), one day Mental Health Champion (Adult & Youth), two day First Aider (Adult & Youth) and First Aider Refresher (Adult) courses as well as bespoke sessions on a wide variety of topics [LBGTQ+, Menopause, Wellbeing] which are designed to support you and your workforce.

In addition, Tara also offers i-act mental health and wellbeing training which help individuals to manage their own mental health and wellbeing, build resilience and utilise practical tools, while also providing guidance on how to support others who may have a mental health or wellbeing issue.

Tara runs her own business; ‘We Are Inclusive Minds‘ but also has more than 20 years within the financial services and corporate sector, working with organisations like Lloyds Banking Group and therefore, is able work with and guide businesses through these courses in the best possible way to ensure learning is embedded and understood.

Through 2021/22 Tara partnered with The Jordan Legacy and Thrive Law to deliver the partnership’s successful MHFA100 programme, a training initiative to create 100 new Mental Health First Aiders.

Tara is also a qualified counsellor and is able offer 121 telephone appointments to anyone experiencing a high level of anxiety.

If your company is wanting to increase the mental health first aid skills of your workforce, we would strongly recommend to contact Tara here: weareinclusiveminds@outlook.com

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