Richard McCann

Richard is a Sunday Times No1 Bestselling author. His first book, ‘Just a Boy’, has sold close to ½ million copies and has been translated around the world. He is an award-winning professional speaker having spoken over 3,000 times. His story of hope and resilience has been well documented over the years, included on every news channel in the UK as well as Netflix.

Brought up on the ‘At Risk’ register until his mother died tragically when he was aged five, Richard then went on a downward spiral.  Foster homes, children’s home and then a violent upbringing by his estranged father took away any self esteem that he had.  He left school with no qualifications and was kicked out of the army for psychological reasons before he turned to drugs to ease his depression.

After making some serious mistakes, Richard hit rock bottom where he considered taking his life. It was at this point that he found the gut- wrenching determination to turn his life around and fight for a better future. That turn around has been remarkable.

Richard will talk about the strategies that helped him through the most difficult of times as well as the professionals that helped him along the way. It’s a Story that most people don’t forget in a hurry.

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