N-Act Theatre in Schools CIC

Award winning N-Act Theatre in Schools CIC is a not-for-profit theatre company based in Essex. The company’s motivation is to use the power of theatre to entertain, to ignite curiosity, provoke thought, and to educate young people – and those who influence them – to make informed choices.

N-Act Theatre in Schools CIC ‘s play ‘Invisible’ is about mental health which touches on suicide and self-harm – leaving the audience with the key message that we need to talk – and listen!   It is a true story, from someone who told us they want their story to be shared with young people. If they had been able to talk when they were younger, they probably would not have self-harmed, nor would they have attempted suicide. They wouldn’t have lost hope.

We follow the story of Denny who has written a blog to his 12-year-old self which he shares with the audience. Through a mixture of humour and pathos, we learn from his experiences when growing up. Denny’s story makes us think about perception, stigma, how to recognise if someone is suffering, how we can help, and when to call in the professionals. A touching and moving story which lifts our hearts.

N-Act have performed to over 33,000 people – young people in schools, teachers, parents and the wider professional community.  They perform in secondary schools to all year groups, and for year 6 in primary schools. They also use the performance as a basis for parental engagement events, for staff training and at conferences both in the UK and abroad.

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