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Just ‘B’ offers emotional wellbeing and bereavement support to children, young people and adults across North Yorkshire, as well as specialist support regionally and nationally. Just ‘B’ services include expert bereavement support for children, young people and adults in North Yorkshire, by any kind of bereavement, including suicide, road traffic accident or terminal illness.

As of 2023, The Jordan Legacy is thrilled to be partnering with another North Yorkshire-based support organisation. Just ‘B’ is one of a range of services offered by registered charity North Yorkshire Hospice Care, which also includes Herriot Hospice Homecare and Saint Michael’s Hospice Harrogate.

In addition to Just ‘B’s emotional wellbeing and bereavement support for children, young people and adults, they also provide specialist support services across the Yorkshire and Humber region and nationally.

Just ‘B’ provides crisis support for families and school communities following a traumatic event such as the death of a staff member or pupil. The Just ‘B’ team will work with schools to set up a support programme, including managing communications, assemblies etc.

Just ‘B’ places special focus on the prevention or reduction of suicides. The team, which provides three helplines, are trained to same professional standards as team members who provide face-to-face support. Most of the team are ASIST or Safe Talk trained and all crisis call handling includes the provision of safeguarding plans.

Just ‘B’ has also successfully trained 30 GPs from North Yorkshire in suicide awareness and prevention techniques. Most of those attending had little knowledge about suicide prior to the training and have agreed to attend annual refresher sessions.


Just ‘B’s own helpline for people across North Yorkshire – ‘Hear to Help‘ – is available seven days a week, from 8am until 8pm. Call 01423 856 799 if you are feeling anxious, overwhelmed, isolated, if you’re grieving or generally experiencing low mood.

If you live in North Yorkshire and have been bereaved by, or affected by suicide, Just ‘B’ can provide specialist bereavement support and counselling and their support is confidential and free. Contact: T:01423 814480 / e:justbadults@justb.org.uk

You can visit the Just ‘B’ website here.

Our partnership

The Jordan Legacy is looking forward to working closely with Just ‘B’ to help deliver increased levels of awareness about suicide and how to help reduce the numbers in the North Yorkshire region.


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