Jenny Thrasher

Jenny Thrasher has dedicated 24 years to understanding and overcoming health challenges. Despite a degree in Psychology, she attributes her authority on the matter to her life experiences. After losing her father to suicide and almost losing her daughter, she realized intervention alone isn't enough. To truly prevent suicide, people have to live a life they love.

Jenny is the author of “Growing Through Grief” a guide to healthy healing after losing a loved one to suicide. She is also the founder of Growing Out Of Darkness and a recognized advocate for suicide prevention.

While her Father’s death drove her need to understand suicide, it was in facing her own challenges that she learned about wellness, and even more powerful was her daughter’s suicide attempt and how it shifted Jenny’s focus to how we’re living.

In helping her daughter transition from being suicidal to thriving Jenny became even more aware of how important it is to find the good in even the darkest moments.

Jenny firmly believes that it isn’t enough to simply save a life, we have to learn how to live a life we love.

During this year’s Hope for Life (UK) Conference, Jenny will be signing free copies of her book, Growing Through Grief, for everyone physically attending the event.

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