Andy McMenemy

Founder of Peak Personal Performance, Andy McMenemy, is an award-winning speaker, clinical hypnotherapist, psychotherapist, leadership Development Mentor, and personal development coach, specialising in behavioural change. His clients include, amongst others; Amazon, ASDA, ARLA Foods, The NHS, The British Dental Association, Mercedes Benz, Reg Vardy Plc, Peugeot Motor Company.

When someone loses their ability to thrive in life, the consequences can be devastating, no more so than following the death of a loved one, however they pass.

Andy’s talk: ‘Your Emotional Needs in Life and after Loss’, will explore the link between successful therapeutic interventions in recovering suicidal clients and how he supports individuals by ensuring they develop strong foundations to build their emotional wellbeing upon.

“Every human being on the planet must have their emotional needs well met, with no exceptions, and when applying the correct focus on our needs and our internal resources we grow through he challenges that life consistently presents to us on our respective journeys and learn to thrive again.” 

Andy is the recipient of the True Englishman of the Year Award and joins an eminent list of previous recipients including; Sir Stephen Redgrave CBE, Sir Roger Bannister CBE MSC, Sir Ian Botham OBE, Sir Ranulph Fiennes OBE, Lawrence Dallaglio.

Andy’s website can be found here.

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