Alice Hendy

Alice is CEO of the multi-award winning R;pple Suicide Prevention charity, founded following the suicide of her 21 year old brother Josh in November 2020.

Josh had been researching techniques to take his own life via harmful internet searches. Horrified by how easily such information could be accessed, Alice decided to use her experience in designing and implementing successful cyber awareness and education programmes, to ensure more help and support is given to individuals searching for harmful content online.

R;pple is an online interceptive tool designed to interrupt and support individuals who are conducting searches relating to self-harm or suicide.

Alice is a much sought after speaker in the world of suicide prevention, which she undertakes alongside her full-time role as Cyber Culture Manager with the financial services firm, Deloitte. She has built partnerships and working relationships across the cyber industry with the Metropolitan Police, FBI, Microsoft, Deloitte, GCHQ, NCSC, PwC, KPMG, Hong Kong Police Department and many other influential organisations.

Alice will share her story of loss and how she has created one of the most ground-breaking and important online life-saving platforms for families, schools, communities and in the workplace.

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