Lucinda Edwards

Lucinda Edwards – Fundraising and Community Events

Lucinda’s career spans some 16 years in the charity sector as a Professional Fundraiser (Minst Cert MSc). During this time she has been responsible for organising community and business events attended by thousands, has led on the development of business, income and marketing strategies and managed teams of sales, events and administrative professionals, which combined have generated millions of pounds for local charitable organisations.

At the age of 23 Lucinda first felt the impact of suicide in her personal life as her boyfriend’s Mother took her own life after a journey with severely compromised mental health. Sadly, ten years later in 2017, Lucinda’s then Husband, Tom, followed suit and ended his life after his own acute mental health crisis.

It was following Tom’s death that the determination kicked in to ensure that the experiences and opportunities for others became part of her focus and ambition moving forward.