Photo of Jordan with his beloved cat Tabby

Jordan’s Birthday

July 11th 2020

This is a moment we could never have contemplated happening – Jordan’s 35th birthday but without him here with us. Devasting doesn’t quite cut it, it’s unfathomable, unbelievable, heartbreaking. The sense of loss on this day will be immeasurable, it simply isn’t right. However, it is the reality of what, in our heads, we know to be true but in our hearts we can’t accept.

On Saturday, Julie, Danielle, Matt, Dylan and Samuel, Margaret (Nana), Charlotte, Laurence and I are meeting at Torrisholme Cemetery for some quiet time ‘with’ Jord. We’ll be tying some red balloons to a stake by his stone, with messages from each of us and taking some time to be as close to Jordan, in a physical sense, as we can be, as well as in an emotional and spiritual sense too of course.

This page though, has been created for you. We wanted to enable anyone who knew and loved Jordan to be able to celebrate his life by coming to this page and reading thoughts from his family and friends.

Although we realise you may well be having your own private reflection and perhaps raising a glass (or two) in Jord’s memory, we would love you to leave a comment – only if you wish to of course – below.

What are your happiest memories of your time with Jordan – maybe at Uni (thanks for these brilliant photos JC), at a previous birthday or some other time you spent with this incredible young man. We’d love to hear from you.

Happy Birthday Jordan, we’re missing you more, today than ever, and we send you all our love.


Dad xxx

“When you walk through fields of poppies and see a rainbow touch the ground, know that this is my love guiding you to the peace that I have found”   Taken from the words on Jord’s stone

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  1. Steve Phillip on

    Birthdays won’t ever be the same without you here Jord. My own, on Wednesday, I pretty well ignored. I did however, raise a glass to you of your favourite Glenlivit and Haig Club (couldn’t decided between them) whiskies Laurence got me, I remembered a boy and a man who was loved beyond measure by so many and yet sadly, suffered more pain than anyone should have to endure.

    You’re at peace now my boy, rest easy and hopefully there is more than this life to come and we’ll get to have those Gooner and Hootie chats once more.

    All my love Jord, always.

    Dad xxx

  2. Cici on

    Tabby and I miss you every day, and can’t fathom that you are not here this year to celebrate your 35th birthday, and all the other birthdays to come I’ll cherish your 34th birthday forever, and the amazing day that we had (even when you forced me to stay up way past my bed time and after a full day of drinking to watch MJs documentary ) I’ll love you forever, and am grateful for the precious time we had ❤ sweet dreams my angel xxxx

  3. Avril and Adrian on

    We didn’t know you for long Jordan but you still made a big impact on our life’s.You and Charlotte were meant to meet and as she will we cherish the memories we had with you.We remember the first night we met you a charming funny charsmatic young man that everyone feel in love with.The place our 60th birthday celebrations.A man that could dance wow! Happy heavenly birthday love and miss you♥️

  4. JC on

    Happy birthday doofy for Saturday !!! I’ll be raising a glass or ten for you this weekend. Often in my thoughts and I know you are with us all. Missing that laugh like you wouldn’t believe.

  5. Abbie on

    Raising a glass of Prosecco to you a day early honey, because it’s Friday and I don’t need another excuse! Happy 35th birthday to you, wherever you are ❤️ I wish you were here so Charlotte could tell you about our chats and you could laugh at the inappropriate things I say, which I know you would’ve absolutely loved! You’d be in awe of her right now, I honestly can’t get over what a wonderful human being she is. It’s been such an honour getting to know your amazing family and friends who cherish your memory so bravely ❤️ I’ll be thinking about you all day tomorrow and I will imagine you smiling surrounded by cats with a glass of red wine! Lots and lots of love, Abbie xxxx

  6. Andy on

    My birthday won’t be the same this Sunday without our usual birthday exchanges JP, you’ll be in my thought my friend. I’ll be raising a glass tomorrow, celebrating all the good times we got to spend together. Happy birthday my friend, Chingy x

  7. Michele Holden on

    Always in our thoughts, and remembering you with much fondness on your birthday Jordan… we cherish the happy times spent with you, your mum, dad and Danielle and send you our love ❤️ Michele, Paul, Michael and Jenny xxxx

  8. Areen on

    Jordan my friend, happy birthday. I know somehow you can read this – and you will remember how we celebrated your (and my) birthday here in Dubai. You’re face when they pretended you were being called for a meeting and instead it was a surprise with cake! Ah the awkwardness. Fantastic.

    I miss you more than you could ever know mate, not a day goes by without me mentioning you to others and thinking of you and our times deeply.

    I’m happy you are at rest and in peace mate, i look forward to seeing you in the other side.

    All my love


  9. Martin and Olga Barnes on

    Thinking of you today Jordan, as we do every day. Remembering so many of your childhood birthday parties. Lovely memories of a happy and fun loving little boy. Wish so much that life could have turned out differently.
    Happy Heavenly Birthday Jordan, celebrate with those who have gone before and with whom you have been re-united.
    No more tears in heaven.

    Love always, Auntie Ollie and Uncle Martin xxxx

  10. Andrew Clifton on

    To you on your 35th Birthday ❤️

    As am sure you know, I talk to you most days pal, as not one day doesn’t go by where I don’t think of you.

    I have being thinking about this day for a long time….

    Some days a smile and some days I cry.

    Today I will cry but I will also smile as I will reflect on this day as one of the best growing up.

    Spending time with my best friend on his birthday was always a good time and a happy time.

    Rest easy my friend, your Legacy is strong

    Love now and forever
    Andy C

  11. Julie Phillip on

    My precious boy Jordan ..the best son anyone could hope for. It was at ten past five on this day 35 years ago that those beautiful blue eyes gazed back at mine in the delivery room. I remember singing Welcome to your Life in my head by Tears for Fears which was in the charts at the time You were always such a contented baby and a very laid back little boy . Always the comedian you seemed to delight in making people laugh. Brave and fearless and always looked out for your big sister despite being three years younger . I remember so many happy birthday parties we had for you and could never have predicted your laughter would turn to tears. My one wish would be that I could have taken your pain and fear away and I would gladly carry that always if you could have found peace in this life. I am thankful for all the happy times we shared ..concerts, Wimbledon, the Olympics are just a few of the many things we did together. Life will never be the same without you Jordi, you brought a light into this world 35 years ago and that light shone throughout your life. You were and still are SO loved , I don’t think you knew just how much your friends loved you but I pray that you know this now and that somehow you can feel this love from them and from all your family. Rest peacefully my angel, until we meet again my heart is always with yours.
    All my love
    Mum xxx

  12. Sue Wearing on

    A gorgeous young Man who is sadly missed ❤thinking about you all on Jordan’s Birthday xxx

  13. Will Milner on

    Happy birthday buddy. Will be raising more than a few glasses to you today. Miss you mate x

  14. Richard Lockley on

    Today me and a group of my closest friends will raise a glass in the sunshine to our friend Jordan who is gone but very much unit forgotten and is missed every single day. We will strive to not be sad but to be grateful to have spend time on his company when he was here. Love you mate. Boots. Xxx

  15. Tom Whitfield on

    Happy Birthday Brother. I’ll be raising a drink to you and remembering the great times we shared together. I’m proud and honoured to call you a friend.
    Love always PC x

  16. Reema Vedhara on

    Well well well. We spoke about turning 40 and our “contingency plans”. You even sent me a photo of how I’d look old in the future. Funny isn’t it that you get to exit centre stage remembered handsome as hell, young, vibrant, hilarious, smart and the best of all things a person can be. And I can’t dispute any of them J. The chasm is sooo huge.

    I love you. And I’m sorry. And I love you.

    Happy birthday meegs ❤️❤️❤️

    PS think you’ll approve of my music choice tonight

  17. Azra Cockburn on

    Happy Birthday Jordon,

    A warm and loving person who is sadly missed.

    On the occasions we met together, we always received a very warm welcome from you. We found you very charming and loved your fun nature.
    You exuded personality and we always felt better having been in your presence.

    Love always
    Azra, David, Natasha and Sofia.

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