Jordan didn’t want to die, he simply wanted to escape his pain

In the spring of 2021, Jordan’s father, Steve, met with the team from eezymind to film the story of Jordan’s suicide and the aftermath of that event on December 4th 2019. The video below is the result of that day’s recording.

The story starts with the day Steve received the tragic news about his son’s death and then the days and weeks that followed. From the moment the family walked into Jordan’s home, the following day and what they found there, to the search to try and discover where Jordan had been taken. This film hopefully conveys the terrible ripple effect that bereavement to suicide leaves behind and why it is so important that we find ways to encourage those who are struggling with their mental health to be able to find their voice and ask for help.

Our huge thanks to the team at eezymind for their kindness and consideration in making this film and allowing us to share our story so it might help others. Click here to view further interviews by eezymind on the topic of mental health.

For further information about The Jordan Legacy’s Mission to help prevent suicides, click here. . To learn how you can support our cause, please click here.