Harry Bliss - Founder of Champion Health

Harry Bliss and Champion Health UK Ltd

In 2018, when Champion Health was setting out as a new and exciting digital health and wellbeing company, its Founder, Harry Bliss, lost a close friend to suicide following an acute bout of workplace stress. From that moment, Harry and the team at Champion were galvanised into action and renewed their mission to become one of the leading workplace health and wellbeing providers in the world.

Since then, hundreds of employees have experienced Champion’s digital mental health training and employee health assessments. During 2021, the company’s vision to become ‘The Netflix of Wellbeing’ has become a reality, with the launch of one of the most comprehensive digital employee health assessment and company reporting platforms available. Champion has also launched a total wellbeing mobile app, which enables employees to track their wellbeing daily and manage their health by referring to the app’s highly personalised data.

Champion Health Logo

It has been proven that companies who implement a robust employee wellbeing culture can expect to see a £6 return (Deloitte Thriving at Work Report 2020) on their investment for every £1 they spend. Champion Health will help your organisation accurately pinpoint where you need to invest that spend, rather than guessing and implementing popular – though less effective – wellbeing strategies.

For further information about Champion Health and how you can retain highly productive, healthy and loyal employees, please visit the company’s website here.