Dr Sonia Hutton-Taylor

Dr Sonia Hutton-Taylor – Burnout and career evaluation expert

Burnout is different to feeling stressed, according to leading expert, Dr Sonia Hutton-Taylor. Stress is usually a pre-cursor to burnout – you’ll know you have burnout if you constantly feel exhausted and sleep does not leave you feeling refreshed or you take a weekend break and feel worse than you did before you went away. So being told to take even longer time off work or to employ better sleep hygiene will not impact on moderate to severe burnout because significant physiological changes have already been set in motion.

Dr Sonia Hutton-Taylor has worked at the interface of wellbeing and career since 1990 when she set up Medical Forum an independent career guidance facility for the medical profession (following on from a early career in eye surgery). More recently she set up burnoutgeese.com where anyone can learn more about burnout ( the first step in preventing and reversing it) .

30 years of talking to doctors (40% of whom have burnout themselves) has made her passionate about burnout, including how and why it arises and what steps need to be taken by society, organisations, managers and individuals to get them to recognise the signs.

Sonia has a particular interest in the recognition of , prevention of and patterns within …burnout. She loves scribbling a good diagram or drawing explaining burnout & the connection between burnout & various mental health problems – including the journey towards depression and suicide if the burnout is ignored.

Sonia no longer works clinically but acts as an advocate and educationalist to highlight burnout recognition & reversal as well as the immense damage it does to health, career and relationships. She believes that if everyone understood the true nuts and bolts of burnout …. no one would stand for this hidden pandemic.

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